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Name this spider.

I caught this big bastard on my porch last night. What is it?spider

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20 thoughts on “Name this spider.

  1. Nathan Taylor

    That’s Natasha. She worked for Tony for a couple of weeks, but she really works for Nick.

  2. angie

    I killed one of those and it was bigger than that. I found some little black widows.
    Get bit and it sucks been there done that!!

  3. chrirtopher wyatt

    yea that’s a female black widow. the females can get quarter size and the males can get dime size. it is probably pregnant so if you have kids or pets be careful.

  4. Jason Monett

    That is most definitely a Black Widow. It doesn’t have the red hour-glass shape that I can see. So most likely it is a male.

  5. justin garver

    It’s a black widow that is an easy one to tell by the body and legs and the way it shines with no hair.

  6. AJ Mitchell

    You should have let it bite you something that big is dam sure gotta give you super powers lol….


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