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As one would expect, the “monetary marketers” of American holidays would like to get Thanksgiving and Christmas started even earlier this year. Halloween too. So, we’ll kick Off the haunted houses this weekend… Rocky Mountain Haunt Fest tonight. HellScream tomorrow night. Actually, we’ll be live every Friday and Saturday night up until Halloween night.


I’ll kick off the first night of the Rocky Mountain Haunt Fest this evening starting at 7pm. Academy and Palmer Park. Two haunted houses. One location. Get the first look.

Come Sunday I’m headed into the back-country for the changing colors. Back on Thursday…

Unless a mountain lion mauls me. or a falling boulder smashes me. or my tent collapses and suffocates me. or a freak hail storm pelts me to unconciousness. or a moose tramples me. or the or my camera slips and starts to fall over the ledge and I reach for it and fall too. or my map blows away. or a bat bites me. or my water filter breaks and I contract a severe case of cholera.

Let’s start rocking. 9:59am

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