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Nine 99.9% Perfect Albums

Few bands create albums these days… My “must-nine”… In no particular order;

The Real Thing : Faith No More
Ahead of it’s time. Still is. A true solid. Patton is untouchable. Brutal and beautiful. Plus their take on Sabbath’s “War Pigs” is the best Sabbath cover ever. Seriously.

3 : Led Zeppelin
Immigrant’s wailing intro turns to all shades of Zep… folk/blues/rock… the tokers Zeppelin. Sounds better on Sundays.

Sublime : Sublime
Who’s “Top Albums List” isn’t this on?

Jar Of Flies : Alice In Chains
“Rotten Apple” is the perfect intro. I always appreciated an instrumental opening an album (Jane’s did it on “Shocking”) and “Swing On This” is the perfect closer. “No Excuses” always lifts the spirits too. The harmonies are untouched by any other artists out there. Seven sweet nuggets.

Morning View : Incubus
The back of the album cover sums it up; good friends, good times, good memories. They need to play it live in it’s entirety. Hard decision over “Make Yourself” but I was recently convinced by myself.

Ritual De Lo Habitual : Jane’s Addiction
A masterpiece. The Holy Grail. 100% perfect. End of story.

Dark Side Of The Moon : Pink Floyd
Brilliant. The thought behind it and simple complexity of it should be studied by bands today. It will stop a baby crying in seconds. It will calm a barking dog. It’s my Valium.

The Great Southern Trendkill : Pantera
The cowbell in “Drag The Waters”? “Suicide Note Part 1”? “Suicide Note Part 2”? The outro to “Floods”? No doubt their most experimental and I would argue most aggressive use of the Pantera power-groove. Dime \m/

Above : Mad Season
Layne makes the list twice. Opiates have produced some beautiful pieces of work by many artists in many different forms of expression (musicians, painters, writers, etc). Sad he lost control of the reigns… McCready’s tone is near perfect thru-out. Martin’s time-keeping is beyond most. Ends as peaceful as it starts. Gorgeous album.

My “must-nine” are not up for debate. Unless your in one of the bands… More tickets to “The Expendables 2” at Carmike 10 this weekend during The Rock Lunch. I’m Hungry. 8:08am

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