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My Updated “Table Of 9” For Lunch

A couple of weeks back I posted these people as may official wish-list for like a monthly lunch group. So last night I was dreaming about an episode where we’re at the Cracker Barrel (Phil’s choice) deep in conversation about Flight 370 and out-of-the-blue Rachael Plath walks by on her way to the woman’s restroom. I then realized my serious mistake.

updated; sorry Steven

Snoop Dog
Sarah Silverman
Rachael Plath
Perry Farrell
Phillip H. Anselmo
Conan O’ Brian
Kate Upton
Peter Grosz &TJ Jagodowski

Rock Lunch today is lunch for two over at the Hatch Cover and a 4-pack of tickets to Sky Sox Friday night for some baseball & fireworks. Bragging rights too.

April 21st… \z/

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