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Local? or Lie??

New feature debuts today during the Rock Lunch to sort the locals from the Texans… I’ll ask 3 questions during the lunch hour then open up the RockLines. Caller 3 will play Local? …or Lie? “Local” being yes/true “Lie” being no/false. 2 outta 3 wins. Besides bragging rights, the winner will receive fabulous gifts & prizes to flaunt but most likely it will just be lunch for two.

A few examples of what my questions will be like;

– Does Tejon street intersect Fillmore St.?
– Nuevo Casas Grandes is Colorado Springs sister city in Mexico?
– Here in the Springs, the phrase “Rachael Plath” could be used to describe temperatures over 90 degrees fahrenheit?
– There’s 2,743 steps up the Manitou Incline?

I’ll start L/o/L just after 12pm… Liquid lunch up for grabs today. $15 gift card to Scooter’s Coffee. We’ll also start with some fabulous gifts & prizes including a KILO CD 3-some, a pair of CC Hockey tickets and a pair of P.O.D. tickets to the acoustic show at Rawkus in March. Don’t forget the bragging rights.

The answers for the curious… Local, Local, Local and Lie. 2,744 steps.

5 thoughts on “Local? or Lie??

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  2. lynn

    love it… i think u should have it where the natives should have a shot in answering these questions lol….there are not many natives out here but i am one of them and know i would kick ass at this game… thanks for being on the air you ROCK COLORADO SPRINGS…

    1. Zakk

      Lynn – it’s just the name of the game… natives, locals, oakies, texans, new mexicans, canucks… you’re all good to play. Call me Thursday 12pm-ish at 633.5456 and I’ll let you cut-in-line and play for fabulous gifts & prizes. \z/

      1. Lynn

        Zakk i dont only listen to you cause u are fucking hot.. i do it cause u rock my lunch hour like no one else does… I beat u to it today thanks for thinking of me and going to let me cut on thursday… I feel like a complete dork about the last question but stranger things have happened here LOL….I enjoyed playing with u today wink wink


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