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KILO’S Rockin’ Stockin’

Word… We’ll give-away Rockin’ Stockin’ Friday morning at 7:20am. Four days left to qualify. Up for grabs…

$94 gift card to Independent Records

$94 gift card to 7th Wave Car Wash

$94 gift card to Luisa Graff Jewelers

$94 gift card to South Liquor Mart

Pair of tickets to the “Speed&Weed” Tour featuring DOWN

Pair of tickets for any 2013 KILO Snow Bus

New snowboard&bindings from the Ski Shop

A Marshall 1/2 stack refridgerator

Papa Roach autographed guitar

Trip for 2 to Seattle to see Soundgarden

Window tint, remote start and a CD deck from Drive-In Autosound

Christmas Stocking with coal

Hope you’ve been naughty this year… \z/

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3 thoughts on “KILO’S Rockin’ Stockin’

  1. Daniel Canitz

    I’m qualified! I’ll be modest if I win: give me the fridge and the drive in audio sound package. Then spread the love!

    1. Zakk

      Canitz is such a cool last name! And believe it or not, I was going to name my first-born Daniel… or Daniella. Oh, and people with gmail e-mail accounts are the best type of people.

      Feel free to pass along the Seattle/Soundgarden trip to me. My name is Zakk.


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