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Jane’s #7

My thoughts on “The Great Escape Artist” which hit shelves last Tuesday…

#1 Underground : Dave’s solo was promising. The chorus was the only saviour. Hustlin’s always cool.

#2 End To The Lies : Liked it when they first leaked it 6 months ago. Cool percussion. The song is directed at EA and as a Jane’s fan it’s kinda childish behaviour. Either way the chorus “You were the foreskin… I was the real head” is classic.

#3 Curiosity Kills : Weak. It’s like U2 is having sex with the classic rock band Yes and Courtney Love at the same time… and I don’t like that.

#4 Irresistible Force : Could have been an epic Jane’s tune… Missing the second half. Let me remix it. The “Three Days” blueprint should have been followed on this one.

#5 I’ll Hit You Back : Super-Cool. Signature Perry lyrics. Probably my fave track. New sound for Jane’s too.

#6 Twisted Tales : Cool tune. For sure.

#7 Ultimate Reason : Close. But no.

#8 Splash A Little Water On It : Cool. More signature Perry lyrics. Classic Jane’s “opium-den” breakdown. Makes the album worth it for me. Maybe this is my fave track.

#9 Broken People : What? Reminds me of the “New Radicals”… NOT f*****g cool.

#10 Words Right Out Of My Mouth : Another Lacker. “Splash…” should have closed the album.

Last thoughts… Actually darker than I thought it would be… I’m thankful for that. Perkins time is the driving force on this album. Perry actually sounds good… His way with words is still unique. Dave never opens up which is what the album is missing. That and EA.

The only other album it can be compared against/to is “Strays”. But I’m finished comparing/judging the old/new Jane’s. Like I said last week there’s not a lot of Jane’s on tape so I’ll take what I can. 4 out of 10 songs give my ears great pleasure. 4 new Jane’s song to add to the shuffle. It’s more than I woke up with.

Monday 9:38am. Back to a busy week… We’ll start with another old-school cutie. I’ll bet her name is Jane.

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