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Don’t forget… Tomorrow, Saturday, the KILO Calendar Girls will rock with us for a meet-n-greet-slash-photo-shoot at the Underwater Connection on Academy just North of Austin Bluffs, from 1 till 3pm. Hot girls at a cool place with a large body of clean water… You’ve just been invited. Please tell them I miss them and am thinking of them. Tell them each individually and not as a group please.

As for myself…

Gone camping. Back on Thursday… Unless a bear eats me. Or a Park Ranger beats me. Or I fall down a crevasse. Or I’m shot by a hunter. Or the canoe capsizes. Or I’m trampled by Elk. Or my rations have been poisoned. Or hundreds of bee’s swarm and sting me. Or I get lost, starve and have to eat myself. Or I’m swept away in an avalanche. Or a falling boulder crushes my skull. Or my stove blows up and burns me severely.

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