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I Am Pro Snow

I will ski anything.
I will ride anywhere.
I will take on anything.
The steep. The deep.
The long, cold hikes that give me
a view that makes God envious.

But, fellow Pounder Hounds, the Big Melt is on.

Mother Nature has a fever.
And Old Man Winter is sporting a tan.
Our season is getting shorter and shorter.
Our earth is getting warmer and warmer.

Climate change isreal. It’s here.
And it’s just met it’s match in boots.

I stand for snow. I need snow.
But, right now, snow needs me.
I am pro snow.

Met these folks out the Warren Miller over the weekend. One of their rep’s is married to a friend of mine. Any-hoo, if you belive in snow, make sure to check ’em out here or here.

Tattoo Tuesday today. Nostalgia Tattoo on for November. Win some.

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