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Honey Badger Week… Honey Badger vs Honey Badgered

We’ll end Honey Badger Week with different ways* you can use the term “honey badger” in everyday conversation…

Honey badger (1) : One who doesn’t care, doesn’t give a s**t.

“Zakk leaves the fridge open, he doesn’t wash the dishes, he doesn’t put dirty towels in the washer, he leaves his dirty clothes in the living room, he doesn’t care, he doesn’t give a s**t. He’s a honey badger.”

Honey badger (2) : A male whose sexual habits with females honeys are strong, aggressive and fiercely persistent, like a honey badger. A honey badger might be the smaller guy, but he’ll always win.

Girl 1 : “What’s up, honey badger? You were amazing last night.”

Girl 2 : “Yeah, you were Zakk.”

Honey badger (3) : A sexual postion which involves the male partner doing absolutely none of the work. He don’t give a s**t.

“Zakk is such a honey badger. All he did was lay on his back.”

Honey Badgered : The act of removing a friend’s testicles because they are controlled by his girl friend. This phrase started after a case in Africa where a honey badger ripped off a lion’s testicle.

Guy 1 : “I was forced to go shopping with my girl and I missed the game last night.”

Zakk : “You should be honey badgered for that.”

Off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Who’s gonna do my work? Zakk don’t care. Zakk don’t give a s**t!

Have a good weekend!


* Check out urbandictionary for more fascinating definitions!

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