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My Fave Anagrams For Co-Workers

Pretty sure Sid Black is the only name that’s anagram-able… here’s a few I came up with;

Back Slid
Bad Licks
Bad Slick
Bald Sick
Lab Dicks
Slab Dick

Today continues the Ticket Windows with more Locura tickets for Monday nights line-up. A Pueblo Rocker will score my pair during Local? or Lie?? Wednesday is the Pueblo Edition of Local? or Lie?? remember?

I’m going to get in a quick nap before the air-shift… Alarms set for 9:59am. \z/

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3 thoughts on “My Fave Anagrams For Co-Workers

  1. Lofty

    There are some pretty good ones.

    Ross Ford is
    For Dross

    Coba Hunt is
    Bacon Hut or Nacho Tub

    Mr Jack Mehoff is
    Chaff Jerk Mom

    Brent Hatcher is:
    Breath Trench
    Her Tenth Crab
    The Bar Trench
    Bent Her Chart
    Can’t Berth Her
    Bench Her Tart

    and best of all, Opie Cunninghame is:
    Enhancing Opium
    Humping In Canoe
    Cheap Gnu Minion
    Manic Penguin Ho
    Cinnamon Pie Hug
    Ion Munching Ape
    Punch Nine Amigo
    Munching On A Pie


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