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Boob Or Elbow? FYI Facebook Says It’s A Boob.

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6 thoughts on “Boob Or Elbow? FYI Facebook Says It’s A Boob.

  1. Robert

    Not sure what basement dwelling nerd at facebook thinks that is a boob..oh yeah the one that watches scrambled porn at his moms.

  2. art nav

    I just want to let you know, that what you are doing for all the nipless women out there is a beautiful thing. I’m dirt broke but still wish to donate a hand full of my older Sharpies of varying colors to the cause. More colors will make for an interesting volume of girls gone wild. I would also like to offer an extra set of hands to help these poor under under privileged women

  3. Bob

    Don’t care if it’s a boob or an elbow, i can’t get past her crazy eyes… girls got issues.

  4. Greg

    That’s an elbow! You can easily tell by following it up to her shoulder. Have the FB moderators never seen a red elbow before?


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