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Behind the Scenes #6: The Kilo Graveyard

There is a large area near the Kilo studios where bad things go to die. I call this place the Kilo graveyard. Among other things buried here there is a giant dismantled satellite dish, an handmade motorized airplane made with materials that may have been illegally obtained at one time, probably a few hidden stashes of coke and what appear to be human sized boxes that are heavy and nailed shut. I’m not saying that there are former jocks partially buried out there, but I’m also not saying that there aren’t any either. Some of the more unusual looking pieces are these heavy as f*** concrete pillars.

Unless you’ve been in the business you may not recognize what these are. These pillars used to reside in the Kilo studio and turntables were placed on top. If the turntables were to be placed on an average surface someone might bump into them on accident and then there would be skipping, we couldn’t have that on air! So these mighty monoliths were used to make sure that there would never be an interruption in the music, no one was bumping these puppies. One of them even has a born on date.

This pillar is almost 27 years old. I think we’re going to have to plan a special surprise for it’s birthday this year, what do you think?

One thought on “Behind the Scenes #6: The Kilo Graveyard

  1. brian McMahon

    Very familiar with those, long ago I was a jock at Kilo, did over nights. Back When Red noize was still around and uncle Al ruled the day.
    Rich was an awesome pd.
    Enjoy your show.


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