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94 Daze

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KILO’s “94 Daze of Summer” is in swing…

Some of the give-aways up for grabs so far include;

The “Van Down By The River” ($943 in rent/mortgage)
The “Itchy&Scratchy” ($943 in scratch tix and some GoldBond)
The “Homer” (a kegerator and a donut maker)
The “Sleeve” ($943 in ink and some advil)

Upcoming announces will include;

The “Well Trimmed Bush”
The “Ross Ford”
The “It’s Not Me… It’s You”
The “_ussy Eater”
The “KILO Of Something”

We’ll end up with 65 give-aways by the end of summer… Check out the growing list here. Oh yeah, winner also scores $500 cash… I’ll qualify during The Rock Lunch today… \m/


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