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From The 8.5 Freak News… Shorts Too Short To Fly? Yes Or No?

short shorts 1

short shorts 2

short shorts 3

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10 thoughts on “From The 8.5 Freak News… Shorts Too Short To Fly? Yes Or No?

  1. Griz

    Not too short based on my scientific system called TCAR (Thigh Curve Ass Ratio). TCAR is composed of the right amount of quad, and that buldging hamstring that makes the booty pop. Her thigh curve is a good 90 but the butt curve is lacking and puts her at a 70. A 90/70 is good for those shorts though. rofl.

  2. Brando

    What kind of a repressed society do we live in that says those ate to short. No camel toe showin! Those shorts are just fine!

  3. chris burney

    Ross man! Chris Burney here, I don’t think to short! I have seen shorter before on not great lookin girls lol. This on is a good looking package. 🙂 Rock on Ross 94.3!

  4. Shawn

    She looks fantastic! Thinking the airlines may be missing a huge opportunity here. If they hired stewardesses that looked like her, and made the her attire the standard dress code, business would be booming!! Every hot blooded, undersexed individual in the world would be eager to fly on that airline! Throw in some complimentary drinks and rock and roll and it’d be the “highest, hottest club in the world!” All hail the Daisy Dukes!

  5. Robert

    Sorry guys but yeah, a little to short. Leave some kind of mystery, don’t have it all hanging out. Class not trashy


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