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7 Questions with Avenged Sevenfold

The Rock Station, 94.3 KILO has a chance of a lifetime for one lucky KILO rocker!  KILO wants you to interview Avenged Sevenfold! Plus, get the best seat in the house for their set at the June 7th Sports Authority Field show with Metallica and Volbeat.  Simply submit the 7 questions you want to ask A7X in the field below. Winner will be picked on the KILO Morning Show Monday, June 5th.

7 Questions With Avenged Sevenfold

Ox’s Blog: New Beartooth video with an inspirational message

Raising awareness for depression has been more visible over the last few years with many musicians coming out with their stories about battles with depression and anxiety. Leader singer of Beartooth, Caleb Shomo, has talked about his struggles with depression from the very beginning of Beartooth’s start. The bands latest video, for the tune Sick Of Me, features Caleb and three others talking about their depression and what they have done to deal with it. The video has a very inspirational message and even has resources listed at the end of the video if you need help too.

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Soundgarden – Smokestack Lightning

In the last week since the untimely passing of Chris Cornell about three hundred different covers of Soundgarden tunes have been served up by all manner of bands. There have even been a few covers that Cornell did popping up here and there. Tonight I wanted to feature a cover off the very first Soundgarden album, Ultramega OK. The tune is Smokestack Lightning, originally performed by blues singer Howlin’ Wolf in 1956. Cornell teases out the bluesier parts of the song but still keeps it a Soundgarden song, like he is known to do with his unique sound. So let’s appreciate him one more time tonight.

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Ox’s Blog: Apocalyptica drop a new Metallica instrumental

Apocalyptica are a band that made their name with instrumental versions of Metallica songs. The bands’ first album was entirely Metallica instrumental covers. On a recent tour stop in Berlin the band played a new Metallica instrumental, one that never even made the album, Orion. This version is epic and by the end of it if your head isn’t banging then your neck must be broken! Don’t forget you can catch Apocalyptica on tour in September doing their Metallica instrumentals.



Kobra and The Lotus stopped by the KILO studio ahead of their Blacksheep show.. Catch the Interview and acoustic tracks in the players below.. 

 Kobra and The Lotus Interview w/Sid Black:


Kobra and The Lotus “Light Me Up” Acoustic:


Kobra and The Lotus “You Don’t Know” Acoustic:


Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Korn – One

This coming weekend is the giant Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio. Kilo rocker Cory will be out there, he won the flyaway from Tilted Kilt and us a few weeks back. I was at Rock on the Range in 2013 and it was an awesome concert experience. To pay tribute to the upcoming three days of madness let’s do a Korn cover of the Metallica tune One. Both Korn and Metallica will be on the bill at Rock on the Range and I can’t believe I haven’t featured this cover before. The Korn version was initially recorded live for the MTV special Icon: Metallica in 2003. It made it’s way onto Take A Look In The Mirror as a hidden track at the very end of the album. The cover is a little short of the original, probably because MTV didn’t want the whole song take up precious air time even on a show dedicated to the band that they were celebrating because that’s the type of thing MTV did in the 2000’s. Either way the cover is still great, so close your eyes, take a listen, and imagine you are in Columbus to see both bands live.

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