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Best Of The Web 7.29.14

July 29th, 2014

3) The Not So Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman…(NSFW: Cop Words) 2) Not The Best Spot To Watch The Storm…. 1) Never Hesitate On The High Dive… -sb-


July 28th, 2014
BOTW2 (3)

3) Mail Man 1 — Bulldog 0… 2) How To Prep For The Zombie Apocalypse… 1) The Only Person To Make Roller Skates Look Cool…. -sb-

7/28 Rock Report *Bonus*

July 28th, 2014

94.3 KILOs Rock Report w/Sid Black Monday through Friday @ 1030 pm Rob Zombie has added another notch in his belt with work on the upcoming Assassins Creed Unity video game.  Zombie teamed up with The Walking Dead comic book co-creater Tony Moore to put together an animated short for the upcoming Assassins Creed Unity […]

Best Of The Web 7.25.14

July 25th, 2014

3) Secretly He Liked It… 2) Mother Natures Photobomb.. 1) Criminal Master-Doof….. -sb-

7/25 Rock Report *Bonus*

July 25th, 2014
P5023209587603_2 (1)

94.3 KILOs Rock Report w/Sid Black Monday through Friday @ 1030 pm Stonesour has released a lyric video for “The House Of Gold And Bones” ahead of this weekends San Diego Comic-Con.  The video, which is a spin off of the conceptual two discs sets comic book series is heavily influenced by the books art. […]

Best Of The Web 7.24.14

July 24th, 2014

3) Next up…Thousands Shall Scratch A Chalk Board 2) What If Baby Goats Had A Thirst For Human Blood? Not So Cute Now, Huh? 1) Do You Bother Asking Where He Keeps The Drugs?  -sb-