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9 things you need to know about OX

1. Favorite album – Smashing Pumpkins M.C.I.S.

2. Favorite concert ever – Pumpkins at the Ogden ’08

3. Favorite porn star – All the cute redhead girls

4. Collects – Hoodies, Vinyl, and doll heads… that’s not weird is it?

5. First album you ever bought – Alcohol washed that out a long time ago

6. Dream ride – Plymouth Prowler, it’s got a fat ass!

7. Butt man? Boob man? Leg man? Why? – I enjoy zaftig ladies

8. If you weren’t a jock, what would you be doing? – Working a horrible telemarketing job

9. Describe yourself in 9 words – Creep, Weirdo, what the hell am I doing here?



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Ox’s Blog: Psychostick B.Y.O.B. System of a Down Parody – N.O.E.L.


Psychostick, the guys who made the Beer Song, dropped a new video and song on Thanksgiving. N.O.E.L. is a Christmas-ized parody of the System of a Down song B.Y.O.B. I have not been able to get it out of my head! Now it’s your turn!

Ox’s Blog: Drowning Pool Grandpa to play at Black Sheep tomorrow with the band!


There is going to be a special treat at the Drowning Pool show tomorrow at the Black Sheep, the 82-year old made famous on America’s Got Talent is going to be joining the band on stage for their performance! John last joined Drowning Pool on stage in Chicago for the Open Air Fest. Now is […]

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Metallica – Turn The Page


Metallica is dropping their new album Hardwired… To Self Destruct on Friday so of course I am going to feature one of their most famous covers, the Bob Seger original, Turn The Page. The original dropped in ’73 and you can find Metallica’s version on the Garage, Inc. album from ’98. The video stars former adult actress […]

Ox’s Blog: Master of Puppets Live from Guatemala


Metallica has been on a South American and Central America tour run over the last few weeks leading up to the release of the new album Hardwired… To Self Destruct. The band just posted a video they shot in Guatemala of them playing Master of Puppets to a giant stadium of fans. Check it out!

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Temple Of The Dog – War Pigs


Time for some early 90’s Seattle nostalgia flashback! Temple of the Dog, the supergroup with Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready and others, are back on the road, minus Vedder, and doing a handful of dates in NYC, LA, Philly, Seattle and San Francisco. While in Philadelphia last week they decided to bust out some […]

Ox’s Blog: New Music Video 12 Foot Ninja – Sick


12 Foot Ninja just released an extended music video version of their tune Sick from the new album Outlier. The horror movie themed video runs over nine minutes and features each band member in multiple roles. Take a look!