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Ox’s Blog: Dave Grohl brings this kid up to drum, does he kill it, or bomb?

July 15th, 2015

Let’s say you are turning 18, you go to a Foo Fighters concert for you birthday. Let’s also say you bring a sign asking the band to let you come up on stage to play drums. Now let’s say they do it but Dave Grohl says if you f*ck up the song he is going […]

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Ghost – If You Have Ghost

July 15th, 2015

This week for Hump The Covers Off we go deep AND long with the band Ghost. You might be familiar with the Swedish heavy metal rockers, if not now is the perfect time since they are about to drop their new album Meliora at the end of August and they are rocking the Summit Music […]

Ox’s Blog: It’s like science, but better, because it’s cool

July 9th, 2015

Cymatics, it’s a real word, it means the study of visible sound waves. That’s as close as you’re going to get to learning something. I just wanna show you this awesome video.

Ox’s Blog: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas now 200% more like doing drugs!

July 8th, 2015

Fear and Loathing has always been a bit of a trippy stoner movie. Now Google and their new Deep Dream program are going to trip you out even more. Pick up the mushrooms and check it out.

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Manson – Eye

July 8th, 2015

This week we Hump The Covers Off with Manson and The Smashing Pumpkins. You might catch something very similar to this if you’re headed to their co-headlining gig at Red Rocks on Monday. The first video is the Pumpkins and Manson teaming up and double teaming the songs Eye and The Beautiful People. This video […]

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with OTEP – Breed

July 1st, 2015

There are a handful of bands that seem to routinely have their songs covered; The Beatles, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Nirvana. This week take a trip back to 2007 and the third album from OTEP, The Ascension. On this release OTEP channels the grit and growl that was Kurt Cobain’s vocals with her cover of […]