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Local? or Lie??

Think you know your backyard? Monday thru Thursday during KILO’s Rock Lunch, Zakk finds out. 2 outta 3 wins. Locals score Zakk’s Lunch Sack for the day and bragging rights.

Who, their score, and the questions;

September 25th : Daryl Deering 3/3
– The Arkansas river goes under i25?
– The “Best of Pueblo Bash” is next Wednesday at the Pueblo Convention Center and will be hosted my Matt Meister from KRDO channel 13?
– Pueblo rocks KILO?

September 24th : Nick Clemente 3/3
– Tuesday is “Kids Day” at the Powers Cinemark with kids ages 5 till 10 get unlimited candy and soft drinks during showtimes?
– There’s a movie called “Security Colorado”?
– Doors are 8pm for Sevendust tonight at the Black Sheep?

September 23rd : Nick Carter 2/3
– Mondays are Senior Day at the Powers Cinemark?
– There’s a South Shooks Run Park between Fountain and Costilla and there’s a North Shooks Run Park between Boulder and Kiowa?
– Doors are 7pm tomorrow night for the Sevendust show?

September 12th : Brenda Otera 3/3
– Snowy River Park is on the west side of i25?
– The actor Jason Brooks was born here in the springs?
– There’s Flash Flood Warning till 1pm?

September 11th : John Sandavol 3/3
– Pueblo’s flag colors are red, black and white?
– Parts of Fountain Creek go under i25?
– Eleanor Rheuff was “tiara-ed” this years “Silver Queen” at the State Fair?

September 10th : Zach Ochoa 2/3
– Cascade goes under i25?
– Garden of The Gods was originally called Garden of The Goddesses?
– The Kimball Theater is on Pikes Peak between Tejon and Cascade?

September 9th : Marcus Todd 1/3
– The City Auditorium standing room is 3,000 give-or-take 1?
– Cascade intersects GOTG?
– There’s a local franchise of a company called “Poop 911” that will come clean up your hounds mounds?

September 5th : Seth Cox 2/3
– “Rocky” Pennington, a female MMA fighter representing the Springs made it into the “house” on the season premiere of The Ultimate Fighter last night?
– The CS Zoo has a legless lizard?
– According to, today’s theme for the girls is “thigh-highs” Thursday?

September 4th : Alisha Ottero 3/3
– The Pueblo Zoo welcomed the birth of two porcupettes back in July?
– There’s a Hooters at the corner of Elizabeth and 3rd?
– There’s most likely a guy/girl “dreaming of a cheeseburger” at the underpass of hwy 50 and i25?

September 3rd : Casey Roberson 3/3
– Willamette street is pronounced Willamette damn it?
– The Hooters girls inside the Citadel Mall started wearing pink shorts last month in place of the standard orange?
– There’s a guy “dreaming of a cheeseburger” at the corner of Nevada and Southgate?

August 29th : Jarod Klein 2 1/2 /3
– The “biggest” employer in the Springs is the Memorial Health Care system?
– According to, today’s theme for the girls is “thigh-highs” Thursday?
– KILO’s 94 Daze of Summer grand-prize give-away is tonight at the Chapel Hills Drive-In Autosound location from 6 till 8pm?

August 28th : Don Giles 3/3
– Foam Fest is Saturday morning 6 till 9am in the Special Events Center?
– Mutton Bustin’ is when kids age 4 to 7 and weighing less than 80 pounds try to ride an ostrich for 6 seconds?
– Sarah Pratt a/k/a the “Butter Cow Lady” will be doing a demo this weekend at the fair?

August 27th : Joel Baber 2/3
– There are 6 Waffle Houses in the Springs?
– The sun will set tonight at 7:37pm give or take a minute?
– The Pikes Peak Hill Descent will kick off next summer, the weekend after the Hill Climb, and will be a race to see who can get down the mountain the fastest?

August 26th : Toby Whitcomb 2/3
– There’s a McDonald’s at the corner of Wasatch and Bijou?
– The steel Indian on the horse and the steel bison at the airport have been there since 1990?
– Parts of “The Fast and The Furious 7” will be on Pikes Peak next month?

August 22nd : Ron Amerson 2/3
– Odd number residential addresses water on Monday and Fridays?
– According to the Colorado Springs Police blotter? Today at 12:56am, officers from the Stetson Hills Division were dispatched to the 7-11 store located at 6040 Barnes Road regarding a robbery in progress. Officers arrived on scene and determined an unknown male suspect entered the store, threatened the clerk with a club of some type and demanded money. The suspect left the store with an undisclosed amount of money, got into a vehicle and left eastbound. The suspect was described as a white male, 30-40 years of age, last seen wearing a motorcycle helmet, a blue shirt, dark pants and dark shoes.
– There’s a Blunt Park in Colorado Springs?

August 21st : Julie Stewart 3/3
– There’s a Colorado Springs Avenue in Pueblo?
– The city’s official website is
– The State Fair starts this Friday but “Mutton Bustin” doesn’t take place till Saturday?

August 20th : Mike Humphrey 3/3
– Pikes Peak is exit #143 off of i25?
– The cityss official website is
– Distillery 291 is a local distiller who hand crafts and bottles fine Colorado whiskey in small batches?

August 19th : Chris Bertram 1/3
– The Mesa Open Space is on the east side of i25?
– UFC fighter Donald “The Cowboy” Ceronne is from the Springs?
– Phantom Canyon’s Zebulon’s Peated Porter offers 12.2 % a/b/v ?

August 15th : Dan Macleod 2/3
– The lowest point in Colorado Springs is along Fontaine between Mark Sheffel and Powers?
– Bikini Xpresso has 5 locations inside the city limits?
– Goose Gossage just signed an endorsement for his own line of “Goose Sausage” which will be sold exclusively thru Whole Foods?

August 14th : Nicole Goddard 2/3
– There’s a Tejon street in Pueblo?
– The Pueblo Motor Sports Park had it’s first drag race event in 1965?
– Poon is an acronym for “Pueblo Official Old Nudists” and their website is

August 13th : Daniel Irwin 2/3
– 7th Wave Car Wash, KILO’s official car wash, at Boulder and Platte, offers hand-washes for your car, truck, motorcycle, rv, etc.?
– Dr. Steven Topper with the Colorado Hand Center is a surgeon who specializes in “hand jobs”?
– Penny’s Oriental Massage is located off of Powers and Omaha?

August 12th : Shannon Hayes 3/3
– BJ’s Velvet Freeze is off of Constitution and Palmer Park?
– BJ’s Brewhouse & Resteraunt is off of Nevada and Austin Bluffs?
– BJ’s is a music store off of Powers and Constitution that specializes in clarinets, flutes, trombones, tubas, etc.?

August 8th : Tim Holexa 2/3
– There’s a street called called “Kinnikinnik” in the Springs?
– Pikes Peak is the nations furthest east 14’er?
– Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is home to a Honey Badger?

August 7th : Leroy Martinez 2/3
– There’s a “Horny” street in Pueblo?
– Elaine Eddy Ripley was last years State Fair Silver Queen?
– The Pueblo Honey Badger is on the endangered species list?

August 6th : Tim Hexlon 3/3
– There is a “1st” street in Colorado Springs?
– Vincent King was the the first Police Chief of Colorado Springs?
– “Happy Endings” is an Asian massage parlor at the corner of south Circle and Janitell?

August 5th : Jack Robinette 3/3
– Like most buildings with no floor #13, there is no 13th street in the Springs?
– “Magic Moments” is an Asian massage parlor off of B street near Ft. Carson?
– Headed northbound on i25 starts to irritate like a bad rash starting around Woodmen?

August 1st : Kyle Ketz 3/3
– There are no streets in the Springs that start with the letter “Q”?
– There’s a liquor store called the “Liquor Spot” in the Springs?
– Drowning Pool is inviting you to the show tonight?

July 31st : Brenda Ochello 2/3
– The Bulldogs beat the Wildcats last year?
– There’s a liquor store called “Loco’s” in Pueblo?
– The “Demolition Derby” is not happening this year at the State Fair?

July 30th : Sean Kemp 3/3
– There’s a “Butch Cassidy” street in the Springs?
– There’s a liquor store called “Bottoms Up” in the Springs?
– Pikes Peak was originally called Pikes Point?

July 29th : Jeff Clark 3/3
– There are 2 “High” streets in Colorado Springs?
– There’s a liquor store called “Steins & Vines” in the Springs?
– In 1960, the first season for the Bronco’s, they played their first years games at the Air Force Academy’s Falcon Stadium?

July 25th : Seth Cox 3/3
– Adult bus fare for a single ride on the Springs Metro is $1?
– There’s a “Weiner” street in Colorado Springs?
– Ross Ford is live at Dave Solon Kia Chapel Hills location for the Sabbath fly-away?

July 24th : Ryan Greigos 3/3
– Adult bus fare for a single ride ticket is $1.50?
– There’s a “Gay” street in Pueblo?
– 30 days until the State Fair in Pueblo?

July 23rd : Mike Rivelle 2/3
– There are no streets in the Springs that start with the letter “Q”?
– Peterson Air Force Base is A/k/a the “20th Space Wing”?
– Julie AShton, who has starred in such films as “Wide Open Spaces”, “Bald Beaver Blast” and “Pubic Access” is a Colorado Springs native?

July 22nd : Joe Miller 2/3
– Tejon intersects Fillmore?
– The Broadmoor Farmers Market takes place on Mondays?
– Posted this morning in the “Women Seeking Men” section of; pregnant and need help!
I tried to post this in strictly platonic but I don’t think anybody even really looks there… I need help around my house just moving some stuff that at this point I’m too pregnant to do myself! I have some buds and could make some lunch in exchange for your time… I’m really good company too, and have been pretty lonely! Help please!

July 18th : Ken Moore 2/3
– An adult ticket up the Cog Railroad will cost you $35?
– Possessing a fake I.D. in Colorado Springs is a Class 2 Misdemeanor?
– Adult film star Tori Black who has starred in fine films such as “Don’t Tell My Wife I’m Banging My Secretary”, “Masterbation Nation #2”, “Masterbation Nation #9”, “I Was A Mail Order Bride” and many other classics is a Colorado Springs native?

July 17th : Troy Whitcomb 3/3
– There’s a Walgreens on the east side of Bonforte?
– The Pueblo Chieftin started circulation in 1968?
– 60% of pitbull owners in Pueblo call their pitbull Tony Danza?

July 16th : Local? or Lie?? break for Avenged Sevenfold interview.

July 15th : Travis Kolcenhoben 2/3
– Exit 151 is the Briargate exit?
– There’s a 7-11 at the corner of Tejon and Kiowa?
– Playboy’s 1963 November issue featured a spread at Garden of The Gods?

July 11th : Tonya Wright 2/3
– The Ronald Reagen Memorial Highway runs through Colorado Springs?
– There are 7,344 fixed seats inside the World Arena?
– KILO presents P.O.D. at the Black Sheep September 20th?

July 10th : Chris Riley 3/3
– The John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway runs through Pueblo?
– Friday & Saturday night, the “Booze Cruise” on the Riverwalk serves $4 domestic beers and $5 mixed drinks?
– Maynard James Keenan attended Centennial High School his sophmore year?

July 9th : Carlos “Chama” Chavez 3/3
– There’s a McDonalds inside the Colorado Springs airport terminal?
– The mascot for Pikes Peak Community College is an aardvark?
– SouthSide Johnny’s is on the north side of Moreno?

July 8th : Smokey Morse 3/3
– Colorado College has a football team?
– By 1904, Colorado Springs had 35 of the nation’s 100 millionaires from gold mined in Cripple Creek?
– Tom Shane was mayor of Colorado Springs from 1977 to 1979?

July 3rd : Zach Aragon 2/3
– The Northside Resevoir is on the south side of Cheyenne Avenue?
– The Mayor of Pueblo is a woman?
– Pueblo has 2 vowels in it?

July 2nd : Sarah Beck 3/3
– “Long-Term” parking at the airport is capped at $6 a day?
– The street order west to east is Cascade, Tejon, Nevada, Wasatch, Weber?
– Tomorrow KILO is auctioning off a signed Rob Zombie&John 5 guitar with tickets to the show and backstage passes?

July 1st : David Bullman 2/3
– The first running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb was 1916?
– The Hill Climb is also known as “The Race To The Heavens”?
– There are 312 turns on the Hill Climb?

June 27th : Victoria Rowland 2/3
– Exit #146 is the Fillmore exit?
– There is a job-opening posted on the city’s website for a museum guard that pays up to 33 thousand a year?
– There is a street named “Bacon” in Colorado Springs?

June 26th : Bryon Bowers 3/3
– Pueblo Blvd. is exit #94 off of i-25?
– In 1917 the State Fair was canceled to let the Navy train for WW1 on the fairgrounds?
– Posted this morning in the “Lost&Found” section of Pueblo’s Craigslist? We are still here and with God’s grace and patience, we are still hoping and praying that we find our beloved CHICO. If you have frequented this web-site from 6/19/10 to present, you have seen regular postings for our White English Bull Terrier “CHICO”. All we want is our dog. We will never stop looking and neither has the public. They know what he looks like and it’s been a while since I’ve posted and you are probably in a comfort zone and think that you are safe…you are not…someone out there knows you have him and will email me as soon as they can..we have waited patiently for 3 long, sad years…but please know that we are determined to find him and bring him home. Thank you my Craigslist Friends for all of your support and caring these past 3 years. Without your help we would have given up years ago, but we’re still here and we can only hope that you are to. God bless you all.

June 25th : Greg Thorton 2/3
– Maizeland intersects Constitution?
– “Sox the Fox” bats right?
– According to, a KILO of cocaine in Colorado Springs has a street value of 20 to 25 thousand dollars?

June 24th : Flint Husband 2/3
– “Spit” is a street in Colorado Springs?
– “Swallow” is a street in Colorado Springs?
– 94% of Colorado Springs residents are from Texas?

June 20th : Amy Olive 3/3
– Bristol Elementary school is part of District 11?
– Comedian Lewis Black lived in the Springs for a few years and was part owner of a local theater?
– 78% of adults ages 45 to 65 living in the Springs have an STD?

June 19th : Mike Black 3/3
– Industrial intersects Purcell?
– East High School is on the west side of Troy Avenue?
– Posted today in the “Rants&Raves” section of Pueblo’s Craigslist; Imagine this. You come home after a long day of work your lover greets you affectionately and with a Steak dinner. For dessert you have a nice blended drink. Now in a perfect scenario shouldn’t this end with something more interesting then cuddles? Maybe I have some distorted expectations but more then likely this ungrateful person has to go right, is there any hope for a person who doesn’t value your efforts?

June 18th : Joanne Search-Powell 3/3
– The first street that starts with a “Q” in Colorado Springs is Quadrangle Court?
– The Medicine Wheel trail is part of Cheyenne Mounatin State Park?
– Colorado Springs has 5 vowels in it?

June 17th : Travis Conners 3/3
– Colorado Springs has an official flag?
– The “Hog Back Valley” trail is part of Red Rock Canyon Open Space?
– Hooters competitor “Raisins” is opening a restaurant at the corner of Powers and Carefree?

June 13th : Justin Cox 3/3
– There are 21 fire stations in Colorado Springs?
– The first organized volunteers to fight fires back in 1872 were named the “Colorado Springs Hooks & Ladders Company #1”?
– Firefighters and first responders in Colorado Springs and the entire state of Colorado kick-ass!?

June 12th : Tomas Lopez 3/3
– Pueblo is in El Paso County?
– Pueblos’ motto is “A City of Excellence”?
– The Rock Station in Pueblo is K.I.L.O.?

June 11th : Seth Cox 2/3
– Doh! Homer Drive is a street in the Springs?
– Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton was born in the Springs?
– Bobby Brown’s last name is also the color of his skin?

June 10th : Ron Petzler 2/3
– Manitou Blvd is located in Colorado Springs?
– Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will run an adult $17.25 for a day?
– In today’s “Lost&Found” section of Craigslist, the following post was posted today? Ring Found: I found a gold wedding band at Panera Bread at University Plaza on June 8th. Please reply if you have identifying information. Would love to return this to the owner.

June 6th : Jacob Suazo 3/3
– The Norris Penrose Events Center is off of Lower Gold Camp Road?
– Bear Creek Dog Park was opened in 1987?
– Tom Shane challenged Luisa Graff to a charity boxing fight at the World Arena on New Years Eve this year?

June 5th : Joe Yaw 3/3
– The Canon in Cheyenne Canon is spelled CANYON?
– Rachel Plath does weekend sports on KRDO Channel 13?
– The first ever quadruple back-flip will take place at the Pikes Peak SuperCross this weekend?

June 4th : Brent Dahl 3/3
– There’s a 7-11 at the northwest corner of Platte and Union?
– There is a Hooter’s inside the Chapel Hills Mall?
– Pikes Peak was originally called Pikes Pinnacle?

June 3rd : Adam Zuniga 3/3
– Mark Dabling goes over i-25?
– There is a Starbucks inside the Citadel Mall?
– KILO’s “94 Daze of Summer” started this morning with the 1st prize being the “Do You Feel Lucky Punk?”

May 30th : Keenan Uche 3/3
– Colorado Springs is in El Paso County?
– Sky Sox are currently sitting with 30 wins and 21 losses?
– Phil Long is trying to change the name of Fillmore street to Filllong?

May 20th : Adam Hall 3/3
– Deja Vu, the gentlemen’s club is located on C street near Ft. Carson?
– Sierra High School off of Jet Wing is part of school district 2?
– KILO is giving away copies of the new Alice in Chains today?

May 16th : Jason Ochoa 3/3
– The City Auditorium is at the corner of Kiowa and Weber?
– The last street alphabetically in the Springs is Zyder Zee?
– Garden of The Gods park was originally called Garden of The Goddesses?

May 15th : Cameron Christensen 2/3
– The record low temperature for today, May 15th, was 24 degrees back in 1916?
– KILO is also a district in Espoo, a city in Finland?
– Pikes Peak was originally called Pikes Tip?

May 14th : Mike Nicholls 2/3
– The only “Saint” streets in the Springs are; Vrain, Elmo and Andrews?
– The record high for today, May 14th was 87 degrees back in 1996?
– KILO is located at 1805 West Cheyenne road?

May 13th : Patrice Dickey 3/3
– Astrozon intersects Circle?
– 80900 is a Colorado Springs area zip code?
– Prince Harry who was in town over the weekend was photographed playing pool naked with a bunch of cc girls?

May 9th : Jay Johnson 3/3
– 8th street intersects Uintah?
– Schriever Air Force Base was formally called Hawk Air Force base?
– Hustler magazine did a photo shoot inside the main lobby of the Antler’s Hotel last weekend?

May 2nd : Tony Marturano 3/3
– Juniper Way Loop, the main drag loop around GOTG is 2-way?
– Trinity Brewing off of GOTG has a 10.2% double IPA called “Slap Yer Mammy”?
– KILO has Middle Class Rut playing the Black Sheep Monday night?

May 1st : Damien Ray 2/3
– There are 19 Starbucks inside Colorado Springs city limits? (including grocery stores)
– Railyard Ale, a 5.2% amber is brewed by Phantom Canyon?
– Seether is playing this years State Fair Friday, August 30th and KILO gives-away tickets “before-you-can-buy-them” this Friday?

April 30th : Jason Vought 0/3
– Zachary Grove is just off of Centennial?
– “Laughing Lab” is brewed by Bristol Brewery?
– In today’s section of “Rants&Raves” on Craigslist?

You’re so full of it. Your girlfriends all ask me, “why don’t you ask our friend, …….. out? She really likes you.” I do find you and your personality attractive so I take their advice.

1. I see and ask you out. You say “yes”, so I tell you what day and time. You agree.
2. I stop by on the agreed day to pick you up but you cancel. Try another time.
3. I call a few days later and you don’t know when you’ll be available.
4. I call again about a week later and once again I get the “things are crazy”.

Forget it. Either you want to go out or you don’t. If you don’t, say so. I am told you want to feel special. You just want someone to chase you. You’re the girl who cried wolf.

April 29th : Scott Howold 2/3
– Bijou is exit #142 off of i25?
– The ANA Money Museum downtown on Cascade is the nations only public museum and library dedicated to the study and collection of money?
– Chances are… there’s a female with a rose tattoo over her left breast who just finished her first bottle of Nighttrain walking down south Nevada that is willing to do “alot” for a monetary donation?

April 25th : Chris Biss 2/3
– Fillmore intersects Academy?
– A jumbo bucket of balls at Patty Jewett’s driving-range will set you back $30?
– The words “Dog Poo In Car” can be formed from the letters in Colorado Springs?

April 24th : Dennis Pratt 3/3
– 18 holes at Patty Jewett on a Wednesday will set you back $28?
– “The Sapphires”, “The Place Beyond the Pines” and “Trance” are the 3 flicks playing at Kimballs this week?
– The words “Dog Poo” can be formed from the letters in Colorado Springs?

April 23rd : Ryan Milazzo 2/3
– KILO’s traffic man James Brown also does weekend weather for KKTV?
– The Professional Bull Riders Association is headquartered here in the Springs?
– The city’s “Pothole-Palooza” is going for two more weeks and the city workers have run out of holes to fill?

April 22nd : Michael Fabsitf 2/3
– The Broadmoor is also known as “The Great Dame of The Rockies”?
– Happy Jack is a street in Colorado Springs?
– In today’s “Lost&Found” section of Craigslist, the following plea was posted;


April 18th : Winter Shields 3/3
– General Palmer statue at Platte and Nevada – Palmer is wearing a riding hat?
– 2 city employees received $25,000 bonuses for just doing their job last year?
– The Pueblo Independent Records location where we’ll be live for National Record Store day this Saturday is 420 4th street?

April 17th : Trent Finan 3/3
– Skate City is located at the southwest corner of Constitution and Academy?
– Memorial Skate Park was designed by Tony Hawk?
– Blue Ballin’ Bandit who sports # 67DDD is a blocker with the Pikes Peak Danger Dolls who have a bout next Saturday against the 10th Mountain Roller Dolls at the City Auditorium?

April 16th : Jose Padilla 2/3
– Pikes Peak intersects Powers?
– The Pikes Peak area was part of the Louisana purchase back in 1803?
– According to there are 10 plastic surgeons in the El Paso County area that can perform a Brazillian butt lift?

April 15th : Robert Barker 3/3
– Mark Dabling intersects Rockrimmon?
– The Colorado Lotteries “Cash 5 Jackpot” for today’s drawing is $20,000?
– There’s a Gold’s Gym at Union & Briargate that KILO will be live at this afternoon from 4 till 6pm and I’ll be arm-wrestling for the KILO prizes?

April 11th : Ray Vasquez 2/3
– There’s 422 steps up the stairs at 7 falls?
– Johnny’s Navajo Hogan started as a roadhouse for live music in 1935?
– Bankog Tai Spa Massage at Astrozon and Academy doesn’t offer semi-truck parking, a jacuzzi or a sauna but they are rated 4-out-of-5 stars by guys probably named John?

April 10th : Jason Sandoval 3/3
– Penrose Hospital was founded in 1890 by Mrs. Marie Glockner?
– Coronado, Doherty, Mitchell, Palmer and Wasson High School are part of District 11?
– It could be sunny and 87 degrees tomorrow in the Springs…. or it could be raining?

April 9th : Aaron Gomez 1/3
– There’s a park near Union and Vickers that’s always smooth?
– Famous auto racing icon Bobbie Unser who won the Indy 500 three times over three different decades was born in the Springs?
– Kamilla Bloodspilla, a jammer for the Pikes Peak Candy Snipers sports # 187 on her jersey?

April 8th : Cara Lundstedt 1/3
– There are 8 city council members for Colorado Springs?
– The World Arena can squeeze in close to 9,000 bodies?
– Saturday in the “Lost&Found” section of Craigslist, Steve posted the follwing?


April 4th : Joel Baber 3/3
– There is a “Blunt” Park in Colorado Springs?
– The official motto of Manitou Springs is “At the Feet of Pikes Peak”?
– KILO is presenting Middle Class Rut May 6th at the Black Sheep?

April 3rd : Blake Leonard 2/3
– There’s a street named Leather Chaps?
– The black billed Magpie is the “unofficial” bird of Garden of The Gods?
– There’s an asshole in the far left lane headed southbound on i-25?

April 2nd : Brad Larson 3/3
– Costilla, the street, is spelled Kustiya?
– The Colorado Springs airport dates back to 1927 when it was 2 gravel landing strips?
– In today’s “Missed Connections” section of Craigslist, a 22 year old male is hoping to catch the attention of a female working at the McDonalds on north Academy… “You were working at like thought my steering wheel was cool because it matched my car .you are really cute and I should have asked for your number but I was too nervous maybe one day though”?

April 1st : Juan Chavez 2/3
– There’s a Security Service Federal Credit Union at the northwest corner of Constitution and Academy?
– Fujiyoshiuda Japan is a sister city of Colorado Springs?
– Monday’s “theme” for the barista’s at Bikini Xpresso is “Sexy Pasties Day”?

March 28th : Mark Robbins 2/3
– The concession stands at the Powers Cinemax&Imax serve Jack Link’s Beef Jerky?
– The Julie Penrose Fountain is located at the America The Beautiful Park?
– It’s cool to leave your car unlocked while you shop inside the Platte Walmart?

March 27th : Bob Kynor 2/3
– There’s a King Soopers at Uintah and 18th?
– There are 2 state parks in El Paso County
– According to, a website that rates escorts in Colorado Springs, Scarlett Dinardo, a white female with blue eyes and a “B” cup has a score of 4.6 out of 5 based on 8 reviews?

March 26th : Nick Turner 3/3
– Bus fare on the Metro Transit for an adult ages 18-59 is $1.75?
– The Barr Trail is 8.11 miles give or take a few feet?
– The fireplace outside of the Colorado Mountain Brewery on Hwy 24 is actually a double-sided HD TV screen?

March 19th : Anthony Ramsey 3/3
– Cascade intersects Fillmore?
– KKTV is the local CBS affiliate?
– Jake Jabs was born a female named Jackilyn and had a sex change the year before she/he started American Furniture Warehouse in 1975?

March 18th : Dan Canitz 3/3
– There are 13 gates at the CS airport?
– The Centennial campus of Pikes Peak Community College is located at Garden of The Gods and Centennial?
– Item #7800 on Bobby Browns Bail Bonds website on-line store is a woman’s thong with “Property of Bobby Brown’s Bail Bonds” on it?

March 14th : James Bianchi 2/3
– UCCS stands for University Colorado Campus South?
– There’s a Denny’s at the southwest corner of i25 and Bijou?
– In July of 2008 when Marilyn Manson* played the World Arena, the entire New Life Church Choir sang back-up during the beautiful people?

*On-air I mentioned Manson had never played the Springs. KILO rocker Mark Gant? called me out and he is right. March 30th, 95 with Danzig and Korn from

March 12th : Natalie Wenzel 3/3
– There are 20 schools in District 20?
– Uncle Wilburs fountain is in Fountain?
– Rachael Plath on KRDO-13 is hot?

March 11th : Cindy Carlson 3/3
– Last years weather for today was a high of 55, low near 33 and a trace mix of rain and sleet?
– Security Service Field is the highest professional ballpark in the U.S. at 6,531 feet above sea level?
– There’s a dancer at Deja Vu named Candy?

March 7th : Kelly Dunavin 3/3
– There’s a 420 High Street in Colorado Springs?
– Jake Jabs with American Furniture Warehouse is notorious for having monkeys in his tv commercials?
– KILO has been Live & Local for 34 years?

March 6th : Joey Macklin 3/3
– There’s a Dunkin Donuts at the Northeast corner of Academy and Platte?
– There’s a blue denim loveseat out in Ellicott posted today in the free section of Craigslist?
– If your a hiker/tourist/jack-ass and need help on Pikes Peak, the Pikes Peak Rescue Crews charge a minimum of $250 per person to rescue/recover after hours?

March 5th : Matt Bailey 3/3
– From Galley to Dublin on Powers is 16 miles give or take a few feet?
– Mayor Bach is a woman?
– The 1st Amendment, located at Fillmore and Nevada is a book store that specializes in legal literature related to the U.S. constitution?

March 4th : Tayla Turner 3/3
– Not only is Longview the title of a Green Day song, but it is also a street?
– “Local it Up” is the slogan for Colorado Springs?
– Tom Shane, your friend in the diamond buisness, raps freestyle in his latest commercial?

February 28th : Daniel Kleinheitz 2/3
– Tejon Street is spelled Tehjon?
– Manitou Springs was founded in 1872?
– At this very moment there’s a young adult downtown at Acacia Park who’s on multiple controlled substances?

February 27th : Dan Canitz 2/3
– Casandra Peterson a/k/a Elvira graduated from Palmer High school?
– The first woman to climb Pikes Peak was Mrs. Julia Archibald Holmes in 1858?
– Fanny Fister is a a pivot/blocker for the Pikes Peak Derby Dames?

February 26th : Lynn Lawellin 2/3
– There’s a 7-11 at the southeast corner of Powers and Palmer Park?
– There’s over 200 turns up the Pikes Peak Hill Climb?
– In July of 1983, Penthouse magazine did a photo shoot at the Broadmoor both inside the hotel and on the golf course?

February 25th : Andrew Chojnacki 3/3
– There’s a street named Hazy Morning?
– Seven Falls is also known as the grandest mile of scenery in Colorado?
– Pueblo West is east of i25?

February 21st : Brett Sovia 1/3
– The original King Chef’s diner downtown on Costilla is a pink castle?
– Ft Carson was originally called Camp Carson?
– There’s a dancer at PT’s All-Nude Showclub named Mercedes?

February 20th : Julie Melton 3/3
– 35th Street crosses Colorado Avenue?
– The Will Rogers shrine was built between 1934 and 1937?
– KILO is located at 1805 East Cheyenne Road?

February 19th : Chris Bertram 2/3
– At sunrise, the shadow of Pikes peak extends outwards 50 miles to the east?
– There is a street named Hoedown?
– Sox the Fox is 14 years old?