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TBT!! (Throw Back Thursday)


So, check this out! It’s Thursday so that means “Throw Back Thursday!”. Here at KILO, we have a HUGE box of pictures. Seriously, it’s frigging HUGE! Let’s face it, we’ve been doing business for 38 years. Well, on occasion, we come accross a picture that we aren’t sure about. That’s where you come in. If […]

Rattlesnake bites Colorado groom during wedding photos. Bad omen? Naw!


Rattlesnake bites Colorado groom during wedding photos

Don’t Take Close Up Videos of Snakes!!


If you’re like me, you’re rooting for the snake. This lady is ANNOYING!

Stupid Photo of the Day: Is This a Lake or a Wall?


  This isn’t QUITE as good as “The Dress,” but we’ve got the latest viral photo that’s blowing people’s minds. It’s a picture of some blue sky and green mountains, with a lake at the bottom.  But is it a LAKE . . . or a WALL?  It sounds weird, but you have to see […]

Absurd Van Full of Speakers Lands Queens Man Behind Bars


The suspect was charged with unlawful assembly and criminal nuisance, among other offenses

A Guy on a Bike Crashed Into a Bear


Some guy was riding his mountain bike near Lake Tahoe in California last Tuesday, and his helmet cam got footage of him crashing into a BEAR that ran out in front of him. Luckily he’s okay though, and the bear ran off. #tramplebearstuesday this bear came out of nowhere and was gone before I could […]