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Big Wreck -Albatross Download-

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3 thoughts on “Big Wreck -Albatross Download-

  1. Hawley Cross

    I won a guitar contest on kilo 11 years ago and was rocking with them before that and will always rock kilo, i played a joe satriani song to win tickets to go see Joe the man himself… guess i rock as hard as KILOOOOOO BABY HA HA HA! lol. love ya kilo. god damn i did not know Ford was that big of a rockin brute lol love ya kilo and Ford i wana wrestle your rihno ass ha ha love ya buddy..

  2. Cheyenne Tucker

    Never won anything on kilo before and I’ve listened to you guys for years!!!! Hopefully I get lucky this time cuz Alice in chains is one of my brother’s favorite bands!! KILO NATION!


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