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EEO Report

This Report has been prepared on behalf of the Station Employment Unit that is comprised of the following stations): KILO and KRXP (Formerly KYZX) and is required to be placed in the public inspection files of these stations, and posted on their websites.

The information contained in this Report covers the time period beginning December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2017.

Please click the link below to read KILO’s EEO Report.

KILO EEO Report 2016-2017 (PDF file)

Station, KILO, an equal opportunity employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies. We seek the help of local organizations in referring qualified applicants to our station. Organizations which wish to receive our vacancies should contact Sarah Udell at the station by calling 719.955.1306 or by email

The file referenced above is provided in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, please click the icon below to download it from their web site.

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