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Dime and Wayne

A few weeks ago after Wayne Static passed away I went on YouTube and just started watching anything I could find with him in it. I just sat there for hours watching interview after interview and song after song. One of the videos I found was with Wayne at a party hanging with Dimebag Darrell from back in 2004. It’s cool to see them together and thinking that maybe they are together again now.

Here’s some Old School Cool.

In February we’ll celebrate another year of rockin’. I thought I would show you some of the old stuff sitting around here.

kilo1Dio was down back in the day.

kilo-2So was Ozzy.

kilo-3LASERS MAN! They have lasers.

kilo2I think “flying discs” meant separating plate in those days.

kilo3¬†ZEPPELIN AT THE MOVIE THEATER? That’s like state of the art.