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Ox’s Blog: Dave Grohl brings this kid up to drum, does he kill it, or bomb?

Let’s say you are turning 18, you go to a Foo Fighters concert for you birthday. Let’s also say you bring a sign asking the band to let you come up on stage to play drums. Now let’s say they do it but Dave Grohl says if you f*ck up the song he is going to tar and feather your ass backstage. Are you going to kill it? Does Anthony Bifolchi kill it? Check it out and see for yourself.

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Ghost – If You Have Ghost

This week for Hump The Covers Off we go deep AND long with the band Ghost. You might be familiar with the Swedish heavy metal rockers, if not now is the perfect time since they are about to drop their new album Meliora at the end of August and they are rocking the Summit Music Hall on Rocktober 17th. Instead of giving you one tune tonight I am going to hook you up with an entire EP full of covers, produced by Dave Grohl, If You Have Ghost. With 4 cover tunes, including remakes of ABBA and Depeche Mode songs, and a live version of their track Secular Haze, this is 25 minutes of creepy rock that kicks ass. So strap up and enjoy!

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