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Ox’s Blog: Tantric back on the road with a new lineup

If you didn’t know Tantric bassist Scott Wilson calls Colorado Springs home and you can often catch him between Tantric shows at Sunshine Studios Live where he produces music for both local and national acts. So I was excited when I saw that he is hitting the road again with Tantric lead singer Hugo Ferreira, drummer Mike Smith, and new guitar player Brian Bonds. I don’t know a lot about Brian, but he has a mohawk so he has to be an awesome guy! The band is hitting the road with Puddle of Mudd this Spring and although there aren’t any Colorado dates on the tour itinerary yet I have to cross my fingers and hope we get a Tantric show here soon. Maybe you remember the killer show with them and Trapt last summer? There are rumors going around that the band will be opening up for a yet to be named band on a big arena tour this summer. So we’ll have to wait and see, in the meantime you might even catch Scott hopping on stage at shows in town if he has the itch to jump on stage and slam some bass at our ears.

Ox’s Blog: Metallica One Played by a Sh*tty Flautist

What if we lived in a world where one person posted sh*tty flute versions of songs on YouTube? Well that world is a reality with the Sh*ttyfluted channel. So if you have ever wanted to hear all 7 mins of Metallica’s One done by what sounds like a 5 year old hopped up on 7 pound bag of sugar take a listen. It’s sh*tty though, so don’t way I didn’t warn you.