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Ox’s Blog: Corey Taylor + David Draiman do Sabbath

If you missed the announcement yesterday Ozzfest and Knotfest are teaming up for a giant two day ‘make you rock until you’ve lost all feeling in your extremities’ fest out in California in September. At the press conference many of the members of the bands which will be playing at Knozztfest (not the official name) were in attendance. So if you’ve got a ton of talent in one room together what do you do? F*cking rock! Zakk Wylde and his Zakk Sabbath tribute band brought out Corey Taylor for vocals on Fairies Wear Boots and then had David Draiman onstage for an epic 13 minute jam of N.I.B. Check out these killer performances!

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Filter – Happy Together

Prepare yourself for something totally different and unexpected. If you’re familiar with the original track, arguably their most famous song, from the Turtles out of 1967 then you’re in for a shock as Filter take on Happy Together. The tale of this tune is a a twisted one, as it was originally recorded for a 2009 movie called The Stepfather, a movie that only made about $30 million, which means not many people saw it. The song sat around until 2013 when it was used in the trailer for the movie The Great Gatsby, and then sat around for two more years before the band decided to make a video for it! So six years after it’s initial release we get this gut-punching video for a totally dark take on a very cheery original. Check it out below and listen for yourself!

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