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Ox’s Blog: Beartooth talks moshing at the Black Sheep recently caught up with Beartooth to talk moshing. The guys told stories about their first most pit, best mosh pit, and worst mosh pit. It turns out there is a Colorado Springs connection as lead singer Caleb Shomo talks about an experience years ago at the Black Sheep! Does it make it on the best mosh list? Find out!

Ox’s Blog: New FFDP Music Video – I Apologize

Late last week Five Finger Death Punch released their newest video for the tune I Apologize, off their latest album Got Your Six. The dark video features only Ivan Moody and gravestones of musicians who lost their lives to drug or alcohol abuse. Moody’s struggle with addiction has been widely reportedly, especially over the last year. To me the video seems to be Moody’s personal apology for those addiction problems to us the listeners and to his bandmates. The band will be back on the road together later this year and you can catch them with Shinedown at the Pepsi Center on Rocktober 23rd.