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Ox’s Blog: Like A Storm Interview

Last night Matt Brooks from Like A Storm called in to talk their upcoming Black Sheep show, tickets available for pre-sale tomorrow here on the site, their new video for the song Become The Enemy, and what parts of Colorado remind him of home. Also, you can do what with a didgeridoo?

Ox’s Blog: She plays a Lamb of God cover on a… it’s… uh… wtf is that!?

This¬†girl, “helvetion” on YouTube, plays a weird ass looking instrument along to Lamb of God’s tune Grace. Apparently this thing is called a Hurdy Gurdy but it doesn’t look anything like my grandma’s neighbor, Hurdy Gurdy. Also, I’m not even sure if this girl has a head, so this is doubly impressive!

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Apocalyptica – Seemann

Since I have been on a bit of a Rammstein kick lately let’s go ahead a spin a cover of their tune Seemann off their first album Herzeleid. This cover comes to us from Apocalyptica and features Nina Hagen, it can be found on their album Reflections which dropped in 2003. Seemann is one of Rammstein’s more low-key songs and Nina gives it a nice turn with her vocals which contrast greatly to Till’s deep voice. So break out your German dictionary and enjoy as we Hump The Covers Off.

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