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Hot Enough For Ya?

Someone in Arizona tweeted a photo of the paint melting off a street sign. 119 degrees temperatures do STRANGE things.

Ox’s Blog: Would you slap Maynard? This UFC fighter did!

Would you slap Maynard James Keenan? UFC fighter Nate Diaz did, at Maynard’s request, at a recent show in San Jose, California. Diaz hits Maynard with a “Stockton Slap” which isn’t much of a hit at all but Maynard plays along and falls back onto the ground anyway. I know one or two people who might give Maynard a slap for the lack of new albums, but I’d probably just be in awe that he said more words in this Instagram video than he does during most concerts.

Careful what you ask for! @natediaz209 @randyspence1 #grampafell #stocktonslaplite @verdevalleybjj

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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Seether – Black Honey

Seether has been on the road to promote their latest album Poison The Parish. We’ll catch a show from them in August up in Boulder. Last month in New Jersey the band covered Thrice’s newest tune, Black Honey. It’s pretty unusual to see a band cover such a new song, most bands go back a few years, or decades. Obviously the vocals are the biggest difference but Seether does the tune justice, take a listen.

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