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Ox’s Blog: Have A Very Metal Valentine’s Day

From the minds that brought you heavy metal xmas cards come heavy metal Valentine’s Day cards. Even though it might be too late to get them shipped to you in enough time for this Valentine’s any time is a good time to send someone a card with Lemmy that says “Love Me Like A Reptile”! If you want to order yours you can do so here, just make sure to send me the Wendy O. Williams one!

v_LEMMYv_DIOv_DANZIG v_HANNEMAN v_KING v_LITA v_Sheetone v_Sheettwo

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with The Smashing Pumpkins – Sound Of Silence

In the last few months the Disturbed cover Sound of Silence has been everywhere. Disturbed isn’t the only band to cover the Simon and Garfunkel tune though, in 2008 The Smashing Pumpkins had a short tour where they covered the song live. This version is vastly different from both the original and the Disturbed cover in that it is a lot faster and louder. I know, the Pumpkins are louder and faster than Disturbed, it’s weird to think about considering recent history, but it’s true. Alright, enough with the chatter, check out this blistering cover now.

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Maybe you have seen The Revenant, the new movie where Leonard DiCaprio is mauled by a grizzly bear. Here is video from a bear attack that’s easily as distressing.

Or not.