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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with White Swan – Jet

Earlier this week news broke that Kittie bassist Trish Doan passed away at age 31. When I heard the bad news I went a listened to a lot of the Kittie back catalog. It also reminded me that Kittie drummer Mercedes Lander released a cover of the Wings tune Jet last year with her side project White Swan. You maybe remember Wings as Paul McCartney’s band from the 70’s that he formed when the Beatles called it quits. So in memory of Trish Doan I present this weeks cover from her band mate Mercedes Lander.

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Ox’s Blog: Grammy’s Troll Megadeth WTF?!

You’ve probably already seen the train wreck that was the “Metalligaga” performance from the Grammy’s last night. That wasn’t the only mishap for rock bands during the ceremony. Congratulations are in order for Megadeth who picked up their first ever Grammy, but as the band was coming to the stage to accept their award the in-house band decides to play Metallica’s Master of Puppets. Ummmm, maybe they didn’t get the memo, Mustaine hasn’t been in Metallica in years and wasn’t a part of Master of Puppets at all. Mustaine later tweeted about the mix-up “Ah, you can’t blame ’em (the in-house band) for not being able to play Megadeth.” Check out the acceptance speech below where you can also some of the members from Korn in the audience congratulate Megadeth on their win.

Ox’s Blog: Disturbed’s Sound Of Silence Polka?!

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. We can blame this guy Andy Rehfeldt on Facebook for it.

Blocked on YouTube!Disturbed-Sound Of Silence(Polka-Country Version). Created by me, Andy. If you get bored, skip to the end-there's a little surprise during the break for ya.

Posted by Andy Rehfeldt on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ox’s Blog: New Video From The Pretty Reckless – Oh My God

The Pretty Reckless dropped a new video for their latest single Oh My God. The video features two screens that rotate between showing the same scene and then a different scene as lead singer Taylor Momson hops and slams her way through the bluesy hit. Take a look!

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with OTEP – Not To Touch The Earth

Tonight we feature a Doors cover from OTEP. Originally off the 1968 album Waiting For The Sun and covered on OTEP’s 2011 release Atavist we’ve got the tune Not To Touch The Earth. This cover is easily identifiable as a Doors offspring because of the lyrical flow and the psychedelic music but with a harder edge in OTEP’s version. I haven’t listened to this with a pair of headphones on yet, but I have to imagine that it’s a unique experience. So spark a tree, sit back, enjoy and don’t forget to catch OTEP at Sunshine Studios Live later this month!

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Ox’s Blog: Family Reunion Turns Into Thunder Kiss ’65 Performance

Normally when a family reunion happens there isn’t a lot of singing and playing of instruments unless a lot of alcohol is involved. I am not sure how much booze was consumed last night but Rob Zombie joined his little brother Spider One, and his band Powerman 5000, on stage to perform the White Zombie hit Thunder Kiss ’65 at the Whiskey A-G0-Go. It takes a while for the crowd to get into it, but once they do the brothers kill it! Check it out!

Ox’s Blog: 1000 People Play Smells Like Teen Spirit, Still Can’t Understand The Words

Remember a few years ago when 1000 people got together and played the Foo Fighter’s tune Learn To Fly in order to get the band to play their town? The 1000 piece band is back and now I think they might be trying to raise Kurt Cobain from the dead. The musicians are gathered in what looks like a soccer stadium and crank out the Nirvana classic to a lot of lights and people in the stands. Unfortunately I still cannot understand the lyrics to the song, so I guess they nailed it! Also, what’s with the dude in the 80’s sport coat waving a towel above his head?

Ox’s Blog: Ghost Is Selling A $100 Dildo!?

Your pals from Ghost are having a special Valentine’s Day sale. Some of the items are pretty normal, t-shirt, pint glasses, jewelry, but then you see the $100 GOLD PAPA EMERITUS DILDO!! That’s right, $100, for a dildo, not even a vibrator! Techincally it’s called the Phallos Mortuus dildo. You do get a nice logo adorned bag to go along with it, but the bag is likely to draw attention, so it’s not the best if you’re trying to be discreet. Additionally the band is selling a few condoms for $20, not as expensive as the dildo, but still expensive as condoms are concerned. No word on whether or not the dildo is anatomically the same as the Papa’s donger, but it probably is, right? The only other band that I have heard of selling dildo’s is Rammstein, who had a box set of six, one from each member of the band. I know that I wouldn’t pay $100 for the dildo, but if you are going too you might as well get some more use out of it. Below is a quick list of things that you can also use your $100 Phallos Mortuus dildo for:

  • Rolling Pin
  • Toilet Paper Roll Replacement Holder
  • Drink Stirrer
  • Meat Tenderizer
  • Door Stop
  • Pet Chew Toy
  • Self Defense Weapon
  • Pointing Device For Workplace Presentations
  • And More!

If you want to get your own limited edition dildo, or something else from the sale, you can grab yours here!