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Happy MILF appreciation day!

Today is a very special day, one of my favorite of the year, MILF appreciation day! Some might call it mothers day, but we all know that the best part of mothers is their MILF-iness, so let’s appreciate them for all the sexiness that they embody.

Quite possibly the most important MILF is the MILF that starrted it all, Stifler’s mom!



A trailblazing movie and a trailblazing performance to be sure!


I’ll leave you with a video that, I think, sums it up perfectly, Mother Lover.  (Language not safe for work or non-MILFs.)

Every mothers day needs a mothers night.

An Ox by any other name

Ox, a name shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Turns out Ox is neither mysterious or intriguing, but it does have a few different meanings.



noun, plural ox·en for 1, 2, ox·es for 3.

1. the adult castrated male of the genus Bos,  used chiefly as a draft animal.
2. any member of the bovine family.
3. Informal. a clumsy, stupid fellow.
Damn, I supposed I should’ve looked that up before choosing this name. Let’s see what else is out there.


1. Slang term for the drug oxycontin.

2. A box cutter or razor carried as a weapon.

3. When something is too awkward for the word ‘awkward’
Hmmm… Is it too late to change my name? …It is? Right….

Movin’ on up!

You haven’t asked for it, but you’re going to get it whether you like it or not! In addition to my current weekend overnight shifts you’ll now be able to listen to me Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6pm! I’m also in the market for a more luxurious cardboard box.



F*** the end of the world!

Here at the Kilo Studios we often get interesting packages in the mail with all kinds of random stuff. Sometimes we get amazing end of the world condoms!

That’s right, end of the world specific condoms! Here is the real question, maybe the end of the world is theoretical and won’t happen on the 21st of December, BUT will happen when you use the condom which has a hole in it and you get a girl pregnant and the world keeps going. But then that begs the question, if the world is ending why the hell do you need condoms? Just raw dog it!

Happy Thanksbirthdaying

I am one of those lucky people who have a birthday that falls on a holiday, for me it is Thanksgiving, once every 7 years. This year I am turning 50, and as any 50 year old there are only three things I want.

If you feel so inclined to wish me a happy birthday you can drop off packages at Kilo Kontrol during normal business hours. Hate mail can also be sent to the same location.

Peni – er… Mohawk Envy

Recently the Guinness Book of World Records named Kazuhiro Watanabe as the person with the tallest mohawk. It is impressive, I will give you that. But not everyone wants a large mohawk, sometimes a large mohawk is uncomfortable. My mohawk, although smaller than Watanabe’s, is still average. Average is good enough, right? Right?

Hitting the track at PPIR at 160 mph!

Check out this video of me hitting the track with driver Richie Altmann from during the tech inspection for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb from earlier  today!

Behind the Scenes #9: Body Bag

Here at Kilo we have a lot of unique stuff. Like this body bag. Could it have been used? Who knows, all I know is that it is cool as s***!

It doesn’t look like much from this side, but if we turn it over we get this.

In This Moment

Saving Abel

10 Years

Redlight King

Halestorm, New Medicine and Emphatic

And soon we will be adding signatures from the members of Volbeat. Listen to Kilo as we get closer to Halloween and you could be rockin this at your place scaring your friends!

Behind the Scenes #8: The Black Dog

It’s come to my attention that some people don’t know what we are talking about when we reference the Black Dog when we are out and about on the streets. Consider this your primer. The Black Dog is a mythical hell-beast that eats little old ladies for breakfast and is fueled by the souls of small puppies.

THIS is the Kilo Black Dog

NOT the Kilo Black Dog