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Ox’s Blog: Dime Watches Over Us

Due to the highly hideous nature of radio DJ’s not many people get to see the inside of a radio studio. That’s both good and bad. Good, because you’re spared from having to look at us, and bad because you don’t get to see all the cool stuff that we have hanging on the walls. As it is the anniversary of the tragic passing of Dimebag Darrell I thought I would share a small glimpse into Kilo Kontrol. If you were to sit in front of the control board and look forward here is what you would see.


Let’s take a closer look, right in the center.


Yep, there he is, shredding and watching over us as we pump out the best he has to offer.


Ox’s Blog: Billy Manson…? Marilyn Corgan…?

If Billy Corgan and Marilyn Manson f’ed and had a kid all I know is that it would be tall, pale and have a weird name.


But they aren’t having a kid together, unless you count their birthing of a kickass version of Ava Adore which happened earlier tonight in London at a Smashing Pumpkins gig. The band also threw down on Manson’s new tune Third Day of a Seven Day Binge. Check out the video of Ava Adore below.

Dime and Wayne

A few weeks ago after Wayne Static passed away I went on YouTube and just started watching anything I could find with him in it. I just sat there for hours watching interview after interview and song after song. One of the videos I found was with Wayne at a party hanging with Dimebag Darrell from back in 2004. It’s cool to see them together and thinking that maybe they are together again now.

Rock & Roll Saved My Life

I believe that people should be surrounded by good, meaningful art. Here is the newest piece to grace my walls today.   rock_n_roll_saved_my_life