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Ox’s Blog: Full Chester Bennington Tribute Concert

We’ve featured a couple of the songs from the Linkin Park Tribute to Chester Bennington over the last few days here and I had a chance to see the full show, uploaded to the LP YouTube page. It’s something that you probably want to watch in full to totally appreciate. I can’t remember the last time I got so many goosebumps when watching a recorded show. With special guests from System of a Down, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Bring Me The Horizon and more this is a special event. Take a listen, but know, it may get emotional.

Ox’s Blog: Slayer Sync’d Halloween Lights Kick Ass

Slayer Bob, YouTube’s resident mastermind of all things rock and light, recently posted his newest video! For the first time ever he is doing a Halloween light display synced up to the tunes of Slayer! We’ve featured Slayer Bob’s videos before like his Slipknot Xmas display from last year. I think doing lights during Halloween is perfect, I bet trick or treating at his house is a blast and I would hope most kids headbang as they walk up to the door!

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Manson – This Is Halloween

Halloween is nigh and there isn’t any better way to get yourself ready for the holiday than by listening to  Nightmare Revisited, the Nightmare Before Christmas covers album featuring Manson, Korn, Rise Against and more. I listened to this album last weekend while I was carving out a wicked jack-o-lantern. It makes the perfect accompaniment to any Halloween preparation activities, or even as background music for your Halloween party. I have already featured Korn’s cover of Kidnap The Sandy Claws before, so let’s throw down on the most popular cover from the album Marilyn Manson’s This Is Halloween. Hit play, krank it up, and may all your nightmares come true this season!

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Ox’s Blog: Ripping New Rock From Avatar – A Statue Of The King

It’s a very big news day for Avatar, the band announced a new album called Avatar Country which comes out January 12th. The disc seems to be another concept album with the band in charge of an entire country and all of the titles of tracks on the album featuring the word king. To give us a taste of the new album they also released a video for the new tune A Statue of The King. This track kicks so much ass, it just gets crazy about halfway through and goes to 11 from there! Check that out while you hear the other news, the band is coming to Denver on tour, taking over the Summit Music Hall on January 31st! Those tickets go on sale later this week, make sure you grab them and have yourself a killer time. Avatar is one of the most fun bands I have seen live, you won’t regret it!

Ox’s Blog: Flashback Friday ‘Memeber the Hoobastank Burrito at Denny’s?

I just read some news that Hoobastank signed a new contract with a record label out of Australia, so that means that new music might be coming, but more importantly it reminded me that the band worked with Denny’s on their own burrito back in 2008. The Hooburrito was imagined by the band as the result of “[a] slice of BBQ chicken pizza married [with] the perfect burrito.” I know, it doesn’t sound good to me either, which is probably why it didn’t last long. I never tried the Hooburrito but I remember hearing about. Who knows, if Hoobastank get popular with their new music, and the local Denny’s reopen, we might get some kind of new horrible food hybrid! The Hoobasteak and eggs with a side of pop rocks?

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Hollywood Undead – Bad Town

Hollywood Undead are taking the stage, outdoors, at the Black Sheep tonight. So let’s take a listen to a cover they released in 2009, off of the Desperate Measures CD/DVD it’s their cover of Operation Ivy’s Bad Town. The track has a funky horn sound that you don’t really get with Hollywood Undead tracks but their vocals flow nicely along with the tune. Check it out and then go see the band live tonight at the Black Sheep!

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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Pearl Jam – I Won’t Back Down

Tom Petty passed away earlier this week, as someone with such a long career he has had a lot of his songs covered, so I had quite a few to pick from for tonight. Of all of the covers I listened too this version of Eddie Vedder playing an acoustic cover of I Won’t Back Down in Washington state from 2006 was the one that impressed me the most. Pearl Jam and Vedder have covered this tune a lot, both acoustic and electric, but this one stood out the most. RIP Tom, enjoy.

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