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Ox’s Blog: Willie Weed is Coming

Willie Nelson, famed pot smoker, has his own line of marijuana products and they are now available in Colorado! So far all of the locations carrying his brand are in Denver, but it’s gotta be worth the trrrrriiip, right?

Find Willie Weed

Ox’s Blog: Anthrax’s Monster at the End Music Video

We’ve been jamming the latest from Anthrax, Monster at the End, for a few weeks on Kilo and today Anthrax threw down a new video for the tune. You can find this tune off their new album For All Kings which is in stores now and then see them live with Slayer on Rocktober 10th at the Fillmore.

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Disturbed – Fade To Black

At this point we might as well crown Disturbed the king of covers with all the killer tunes they have done over the years. This is no different, a live version of Metallica’s Fade To Black, that was recorded on the Music as a Weapon II tour from 2003. You might notice that the song doesn’t go as long as the original though as the band only did the first four minutes of the song. But a kick-ass four minutes it is, check it out!

For more Hump The Covers Off check out my blog archive.

Catch Prophets of Rage Live from Toronto, 8/24 at 7pm, right here!

On August 24th Prophets of Rage will be live streaming their show from Toronto. Get hyped for their Red Rocks show on September 7th and watch the stream here starting at 7pm. If you’re not going to get to go to the Red Rocks show then you get to see them perform for free, right here! Rock on!

Ox’s Blog: Sully Erna of Godsmack dropping another solo record

Sully Erna, lead singer of Godsmack, has announced he will be releasing a new solo album, Hometown Life. The record is a follow up to his 2010 solo debut, Avalon. Hometown Life will be released on September 30th and the title track has already dropped. Take a listen!

Ox’s Blog: Get your blue and orange Kilo banner photos here!

Football is back! Tonight the defending champs hit the field for their first pre-season game of the season. I am so excited to see how the team does this year!

A few years ago we had the following blue and orange banners created for use on social media, perfect for a Facebook banner photo for instance. Here they are for you to use all season long, or all year long!

KILO bronco colors navy back KILO bronco colors white back