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Ox’s Blog: Like A Storm Interview

Last night Matt Brooks from Like A Storm called in to talk their upcoming Black Sheep show, tickets available for pre-sale tomorrow here on the site, their new video for the song Become The Enemy, and what parts of Colorado remind him of home. Also, you can do what with a didgeridoo?

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Apocalyptica – Seemann

Since I have been on a bit of a Rammstein kick lately let’s go ahead a spin a cover of their tune Seemann off their first album Herzeleid. This cover comes to us from Apocalyptica and features Nina Hagen, it can be found on their album Reflections which dropped in 2003. Seemann is one of Rammstein’s more low-key songs and Nina gives it a nice turn with her vocals which contrast greatly to Till’s deep voice. So break out your German dictionary and enjoy as we Hump The Covers Off.

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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with In This Moment – I’m Broken

Last night In This Moment tore the stage apart with Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch and From Ashes to New at the Broadmoor World Arena. Since I have featured covers from the Roach and FFDP the last two weeks it is time for ITM to shine. Check out this old cover of Pantera’s I’m Broken from 2008 that was filmed for the channel Fuse.  You’ll see Maria Brink wearing a shirt and jeans, quite a departure from her recent spate of being seen in an elaborate costume at all times. So hop in this five minute time machine and krank it up!

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Ox’s Blog: Rammstein Documentary Trailer (FEMALE NIPPLE WARNING)

Welcome to Monday, welcome to Amerika, the new upcoming Rammstein documentary dropped a new trailer. This sh*t looks great! Rammstein is my second favorite band of all time and I am really excited to see the full movie.

*Warning: There is a brief nipple flash from a woman, so maybe don’t watch it at work unless you work here, or you don’t care if you get fired for something stupid like that*


Ox’s Blog: Turd Ferguson for $600, Alex

Remember when Burt Reynolds was on Celebrity Jeopardy and he changed his name to Turd Ferguson? Except it wasn’t Burt Reynolds, it was Norm MacDonald and Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek on SNL. Well it looks like a major SNL fan pulled one over on the actual Trebek by answering the Final Jeopardy question in a way which made the real Trebek say the words Turd Ferguson. And if you’re anything like me you now have a new ringtone “Turd Ferguson, Turd Ferguson…. Turd Ferguson, Turd Ferguson…”

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Papa Roach – Naked In Front Of The Computer

As we barrel towards Kilo’s Fall Brawl, September 22nd at the Broadmoor World Arena with Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, In This Moment and From Ashes To New, we take another swing at a cover from one of the bands hitting the stage. Last week Death Punch dealt us a killer Pantera tune, so this week we turn to the Roaches and their blistering take on Faith No More’s Naked In Front Of The Computer, which was released on Papa Roach’s second major label release LoveHateTragedy. Faith No More seems like one of those bands that other bands always end up covering, and it stands to good reason as this song kicks ass. Clocking in at 2 minutes and 14 seconds be sure to give this one a second listen. Enjoy and we will see you in a few days for Kilo’s Fall Brawl!

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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Five Finger Death Punch – A New Level

Five Finger Death Punch is headlining the big Kilo Fall Brawl on September 22nd at the Broadmoor World Arena. If you don’t have tickets you’re gonna regret missing the show, so grab them now. In the meantime we rock out with the Death Punchers and their cover of Pantera’s A New Level, this cover came off an album called Getcha Pull! that was only released as a bonus with the December 2009 issue of Metal Hammer magazine. Because the album was never released for sale on a wide scale it can be difficult to find a copy of it, thankfully the internet exists and we can enjoy it here. So stop wasting time, press play and f**king enjoy! See ya on the 22nd!

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