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Ox’s Blog: Johnny Loses His Sh*t in New Highly Suspect Video

Earlier today Highly Suspect dropped a video for their new single Little One. The video has lead singer Johnny Stevens freaking out and smashing his way through a thrift store before being arrested by police, bandmates Rich and Ryan Meyer, at the end. Check it out!

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Mastodon – The Bit

Mastodon are running hot right now. The band released their new album Emperor Of Sand on March 31st and took the #1 spot for album sales that following week. Additionally they have been beefing with some new social media company on Twitter that is calling themselves Mastodon, to hilariously confusing results. They are also on support of their new album and will be rolling into Denver at the Fillmore this coming Monday! Tune in all day tomorrow to win tickets for the show and in the mean time enjoy the bands cover of the Melvins tune The Bit. The band covered the tune during many of their stops on their 2005 tour. Check out this live version from a stop in San Diego.

Ox’s Blog: Throwback to RATM’s SNL Banning Performance

It was 21 years ago today that Rage Against The Machine took to the fabled stages of Saturday Night Live, for the first and last time. It was a quick trip, after the band performed their hit Bulls On Parade they were escorted from the building, not allowed to play their second song. The biggest issue on the night was that the band wanted to hang upside down American flags on their amps, and had the flags hanging there until seconds before the song started as SNL stagehands ripped them down. It all seems a little tame but it was enough to get the band banned from the show. Check out the performance below!

Hump The Covers Off with Trivium – Exit Music (For A Film)

Tonight we hump through the Wednesday with the lead singer of Trivium, Matt Heafy, and his solo acoustic cover of the Radiohead tune Exit Music (For A Film). Radiohead’s most covered song is probably Creep, but Matt chooses a deeper cut off the band’s 1997 release, OK Computer, instead. If you’re familiar with the original you’ll notice quite a difference between the two as the unique Yorke vocals are given a deeper edge with Heafy’s version. It’s also a little unusual to see a guy in a heavy metal shirt rocking a song from an album influenced and created with an eye towards technological experimentation. The video was posted to Matt Heafy’s YouTube page where you can also find covers of Elvis, NIN, and more.

Ox’s Blog: Corey Taylor’s Emotional Paul Gray Tribute

Former Slipknot bassist Paul Gray passed away in 2010 but would have been 45 this past Saturday had he survived his health problems. His birthday passing reminded me of this clip of Corey Taylor getting his Paul Gray tribute tattoo back in 2011. The piece was filmed for the show NY Ink and aired on TLC. ¬†Between the pain of the tattoo and remembering his old friend, Corey breaks down. I’m not gonna say that I got teary eyed watching the clip again, but I was coincidentally cutting onions. It’s also just strange to see Corey crying because he always seems like such a badass. If you’ve never seen it, take a look.

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Red Sun Rising – Uninvited (NSFW)

Red Sun Rising has been riding a high wave from their major label debut album Polyester Zeal. The band was recently on the road with Pop Evil and in between finishing up the tour and working on a new album they found time to drop a video for a new cover of the Alanis Morrissette song Uninvited. The song originally appeared on the soundtrack for the movie City Of Angels, a largely forgettable flick with Nic Cage and Meg Ryan. This cover is creepy, and the music video manages to make it even more skin crawling. Warning this video is highly NSFW and features full frontal female nudity, so be careful where you are when you hit play.

Uninvited (Official Music Video / Explicit) – Red Sun Rising

Watch Uninvited (Official Music Video / Explicit) by Red Sun Rising online at Discover the latest music videos by Red Sun Rising on Vevo.

Ox’s Blog: Papa Roach Gobbles Up Insects

I know there are people who eat bugs, and like to eat bugs, but I am not one of those people. It looks like the guys from Papa Roach might be the kind of people who do eat bugs and like it! The band got the low down on bug eating and even tasted tested a few in the video below. For the most part the band makes it through the meal fine, until near the end when Jacoby just about loses his stomach to a bamboo worm. The only thing they don’t have to eat? Roaches, of course.

Ox’s Blog: GoT x SOAD Crossover!

At the Forum in L.A. last night Serj Tankian of System of a Down showed up to the Game Of Thrones Live Music Experience to sing the popular tune from the show, The Rains Of Castamere. After he finished the song Serj went into the crowd and brutally murdered everyone. Come on, you had to see that coming, stop crying.

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Romero – Rainbow In The Dark

Today for the first time I get to go local on Hump The Covers Off with Romero. The Denver natively recently dropped an acoustic cover of the Dio anthem Rainbow In The Dark. I dig covers that can go acoustic and still stand toe to toe with the plugged in version. This tune is one that I have had on repeat lately. You may recognize Romero from the Loud and Local segment that Sid Black does on Monday nights. Stop wasting time and hit play!