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Ox’s Blog: Billy Manson…? Marilyn Corgan…?

If Billy Corgan and Marilyn Manson f’ed and had a kid all I know is that it would be tall, pale and have a weird name.


But they aren’t having a kid together, unless you count their birthing of a kickass version of Ava Adore which happened earlier tonight in London at a Smashing Pumpkins gig. The band also threw down on Manson’s new tune Third Day of a Seven Day Binge. Check out the video of Ava Adore below.

Dime and Wayne

A few weeks ago after Wayne Static passed away I went on YouTube and just started watching anything I could find with him in it. I just sat there for hours watching interview after interview and song after song. One of the videos I found was with Wayne at a party hanging with Dimebag Darrell from back in 2004. It’s cool to see them together and thinking that maybe they are together again now.

Rock & Roll Saved My Life

I believe that people should be surrounded by good, meaningful art. Here is the newest piece to grace my walls today.   rock_n_roll_saved_my_life

I need my face to look like this, can you do it?

For years I have been threatening to go as Captain F***ing Spaulding for Halloween and this year I really want to do it. But… I don’t have any skills to do makeup like that, I need the jacked up teeth and bald wig to look good too. So are you a badass with a brush? A mistress of makeup? Let me know.  I want to hire you if you’ve got the chops!