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Ox’s Blog: New Mastodon – Toe To Toes

Mastodon is dropping a new EP, Cold Dark Place, on September 22nd. Over the holiday weekend they released the first new tune from that EP, it’s called Toe To Toes. Take a listen to the new track below and then grab your copy of Cold Dark Place later this month!

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Avenged Sevenfold – God Only Knows

A few days back Avenged Sevenfold dropped a video for their newest cover, God Only Knows. The track is available on special editions of their album The Stage. Originally a Beach Boys tune from 1966 classic Pet Sounds the A7X version drops the fun beach vibes for track that starts out with a slow tempo and then picks up with more recognizable deathbat vocals and instrumentals. The video shows a lot of live footage from the bands’ live show with an old school film aesthetic, take a look!

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Ox’s Blog: Master Of Puppets Reissue Coming Soon!

Metallica has been reissuing a lot of their albums over the last few years, giving them the special treatment. Fans have waited for the Master Of Puppets reissue and it has been announced that it will be released on November 10th! There are a lot of different versions you can score and the band released a video showing all the goodies in the deluxe box set of the reissue! Take a look but try not to drool all over yourself!

Ox’s Blog: First Super Troopers 2 Trailer Is Here!

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Super Troopers 2 dropped earlier today! The movie drops on 4-20, and from first looks should be as hilarious as the first one, which came out FIFTEEN YEARS AGO! Two of the stars from the film, Erik Stolhanske and Paul Soter, were in town over the weekend at the Colorado Springs Comic Con, but I haven’t been able to find any footage from their panel. Maybe you were there and got the inside info on the upcoming movie! Either way check out the trailer now which features the new Jet tune we are playing, My Name Is Thunder!

Ox’s Blog: Music Video Roundup

Some times it can be tough to keep up with a ton of bands all dropping new music videos constantly. Some times even we miss a few. Let’s fix that with a roundup of some of the videos you might not have seen, and that we haven’t shared yet, that premiered lately! Heads up, the Ghost video gets a little NSFW at the end.

Ghost He Is

Theory Of A Deadman RX

P.O.D. Soundboy Killa

Seether Betray And Degrade

Beartooth Rock Is Dead

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Powerman 5000 – Should I Stay Or Should I Go

I love it when I can find a full album of covers from a band, it makes finding good covers so easy. In 2011 Powerman 5000 released Copies, Clones & Replicants which has a lot of killer covers to choose from. I particularly like this Clash cover of Should I Stay Or Should I Go. Originally a tune with an upbeat tempo PM5K slow it down, add some synth, and turn it into a completely different, albeit still awesome, track! I could listen to this on repeat over and over. Take it for a spin!

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Ox’s Blog : Hump The Covers Off with Hellyeah – I Don’t Care Anymore

HELLYEAH is taking over the Black Sheep tonight for a sold out show, so let’s honor the band with tonight’s cover! You’re probably familiar with this tune since it was released on their newest album, Undeniable, and since it also garnered news because old guitar tracks from Dimebag Darrell were used in the song! The original I Don’t Care Anymore came from Phil Collins in 1983 and doesn’t feature nearly the same hard edge as HELLYEAH’s version. The band even released a video for the track. So if you aren’t at the sold out show at least you can listen to a HELLYEAH tune, so krank it and make the neighbors rock too!

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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with In This Moment – In The Air Tonight

In This Moment’s newest album, Ritual, dropped on Friday and we get treated to a new cover, the Phil Collins tune In The Air Tonight. You may not know In The Air Tonight but you will know the drum track which starts at 3:32. It’s one of the most famous drum bits of all time. So check out In This Moment’s take on this track and get your air drumming sticks ready!

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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with All That Remains – The Thunder Rolls

I always enjoy finding covers from rock artists of non-rock genre songs. All That Remains recently dropped a new album, Madness, and including a cover of the Garth Brooks tune The Thunder Rolls. I’m not a country guy at all but even I know this tune as it was everywhere in the 90’s. ATR add a quicker tempo and some more guitars to give it their own spin. One of the things that is really unexpected on this cover is the female vocalist who trades off lines with Phil Labonte. I’ve scoured the internet and I don’t even know who the female vocalist is, the band has mentioned her in some interviews but has not named her yet. So if you find out let me know! Hop on yer horse and take this cover for a listen.

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