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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver

This Wednesday as we Hump The Covers Off we meet at a bittersweet intersection. This past weekend Rock on the Range took over Columbus, Ohio. Also this past weekend marked the 5 year anniversary of the passing of Ronnie James Dio. So today we combine the two and present Killswitch Engage covering Dio’s Holy Diver, at Rock on the Range in 2010, right after the death of the Rock God. Rock in Peace.

Ox’s Blog: The next Ivan Moody… at 6 years old?!

This past weekend at Sunshine Studios Live the bands Flaw and Seasons After rocked the house. But what no one expected was 6-year-old Brendan, who took the stage with Seasons After for their hit Lights Out, to take to the stage so well and kill the tune, not even his own father! I spoke to Jason, Brendan’s dad, who said that Brendan has been a rocker since the age of three and that Lights Out has quickly become one of his favorite songs, listening to it over and over.

Brendan, who also lists Five Finger Death Punch and Redlight King among his favorite bands with Seasons After, went to Denver to see the band on Thursday but didn’t get to hear his favorite song because tech issues cut the set short. So when the band stopped by Sunshine Studios Live lead singer Tony Housh brought the soon to be rock god on stage for his surprise debut performance.

How long before we see Brendan on stage leading his own band? 15 years? 10 years? Less? Who knows, but after watching this kid attack the mic I know it will be sooner than later and we will all be able to look back at see his first time on stage at the age of six rocking like a veteran of the road.


Ox’s Blog: Thong or not a thong with Lars Ulrich

Metallica ripped it up on stage at Rock in Rio USA festival in Las Vegas over the weekend. But did Lars Ulrich rip up his undies and have to borrow a pair from his wife? This photo was taken by a fan during Metallica’s set and it looks like Lars is rocking a thong. But it also might just be a shadow from his shirt. What do you think, thong or not a thong?


Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Local H – Toxic

This week as we Hump The Covers Off we take a stab at Britney Spears’ Toxic as performed by Illinois rockers Local H. You can find this version on Local H’s 2005 album Alive ’05. My favorite part of this song are pseudo drug references just years before Britney lost her mind, presumably because of her addiction to drugs. In fact I’ve included a picture of bald Britney for you to zone out on while you listen to the cover, enjoy!


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Ox’s Blog: Play God… of the moshpit

Have you ever wanted to control a moshpit? Make people go as hard and as fast in the pit as you want? Control them like puppets? Of course you do! Now with the help of Beartooth you can do exactly that. Play God and make the people dots dance to your every whim. Do you want a moshpit or a circlepit? Do you want people to lost their f*cking minds or just casually slam into each other? You decide.

Check out the moshpit simulator on the Beartooth website here and go nuts!


Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off Menage style with Realm, Godhead, LFTF – Elenor Rigby

Mea culpa, I forgot to post last week’s Hump The Covers Off, I had the post ready to go and just blanked on actually hitting post. Oops! So this week to make up for it I am going to Hump The Covers Off in a menage a trois, three bands, same tune. Today Realm, Godhead and Letters From The Fire all take on The Beatles Elenor Rigby, each with different results. Let’s kick it off with thrash metal rockers Realm. This track can be found off their album Endless War.

Up next we have Elenor Rigby from Godhead. Arguably Godhead’s most successful single from the album 2000 Years of Human Error. And no, this isn’t a Billy Corgan side project.

Finally we have Letters From The Fire with their take on Elenor Rigby off of their self-titled debut EP.

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Ox’s Blog: Handjob Karaoke from Japan, thanks…? (NSFW)

Japan, home to used panty vending machines and sex robots brings us the next great television hit, handjob karaoke! The show is actually called Sing What Happens, but what happens is a string of guys try to sing karaoke while getting attended to by an attractive “nurse” to see who can last the longest and finish their song.

Excluding the handy I am not sure what is more distracting, the nurse with her nipple pinching or the laughing of the commentators. Then I have to ask myself would I go with a short song so I could win the competition or pick something like Stairway to Heaven, ride it out and “lose”?

Either way just remember, baseball, baseball, baseball.

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Stone Sour – Love Gun

Limited to 3000 and set to be released this coming Saturday, Record Store Day 2015, Stone Sour is dropping an EP with cover’s from Metallica, Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and KISS. The EP, titled Meanwhile In Burbank, is being spun on Krank It or Kram It this week with Sid Black at 6pm. Let’s spend this hump day with Stone Sour’s cover of Love Gun from KISS. The version below was from Stone Sour’s 2014 Tour, not the studio version which you will find on the album, if you’re lucky enough to score it. Even though it was filmed in Cleveland it still rocks, so sit back relax and let your Love Gun Hump The Covers Off.

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