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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Trent Reznor – Immigrant Song

One of the best things to come out of the remake of the movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song from Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Atticus Ross.  Not to discount the movie at all, but this moody quick cover is haunting and even took over the airwaves here at Kilo for a short time. Unfortunately the sequels to the movie will never be made which means no more Reznor covers, but I do recommend that you check out the Swedish versions of the trilogy if you can hang with some subtitles. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy as we Hump The Covers Off.

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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Coal Chamber – Shock The Monkey

This week we throw down on Hump The Covers Off a day late, since I don’t hump the covers off in the morning, only at night. Last night Coal Chamber hit the stage at the Black Sheep and that inspired me to feature their cover of Peter Gabriel’s Shock the Monkey. This cover can be found on Coal Chamber’s 1999 album Chamber Music and features the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy! Dig it!

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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Motorhead – Stand By Your Man

2015 is shaping up to be a great year for Motorhead. They are dropping a new album, Bad Magic, at the end of the month. You can also catch them in Denver as part of Riot Fest, the big three day festival also lands at the end of the month. So let’s get dirty with Lemmy and Wendy O. Williams with their cover of the Tammy Wynette song Stand By Your Man. If you’re familiar with the original version then buckle up, we’re about the Hump The Covers Off in a whole new direction for this tune.

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Ox’s Blog: Antichrist Superstar? Billy Corgan is having nun of that

Last night the End of Times Tour with Marilyn Manson and The Smashing Pumpkins came to an end in Nashville, TN. Maybe you caught them when they rolled through Red Rocks earlier this summer. All throughout the tour I expect Billy and Manson to hope between sets and team up on songs, but it never happened, until last night. Billy, donning his best nun’s habit, joined Manson on the podium during Antichrist Superstar. This was a surprise to most, but if have been following Manson on Twitter maybe you saw this photo which he posted on Friday last week and which shows Billy trying on the habit.


Check out the video footage of the musical tag team for yourself.


Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Johnny Cash – Hurt

Hold on, I know what you’re gonna say “Ox, this is one of the most played covers ever! I thought we were gonna get more obscure sh*t.” You’re right, this is a very well known cover, but Johnny Cash does such a damn good job with Hurt that I have to pay respects and feature it. You can throw this tune on repeat for hours and it only gets better. So sit back, relax and enjoy an instant classic.

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Ox’s Blog: Dave Grohl brings this kid up to drum, does he kill it, or bomb?

Let’s say you are turning 18, you go to a Foo Fighters concert for you birthday. Let’s also say you bring a sign asking the band to let you come up on stage to play drums. Now let’s say they do it but Dave Grohl says if you f*ck up the song he is going to tar and feather your ass backstage. Are you going to kill it? Does Anthony Bifolchi kill it? Check it out and see for yourself.

Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Ghost – If You Have Ghost

This week for Hump The Covers Off we go deep AND long with the band Ghost. You might be familiar with the Swedish heavy metal rockers, if not now is the perfect time since they are about to drop their new album Meliora at the end of August and they are rocking the Summit Music Hall on Rocktober 17th. Instead of giving you one tune tonight I am going to hook you up with an entire EP full of covers, produced by Dave Grohl, If You Have Ghost. With 4 cover tunes, including remakes of ABBA and Depeche Mode songs, and a live version of their track Secular Haze, this is 25 minutes of creepy rock that kicks ass. So strap up and enjoy!

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