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Godsmack Giving Big Updates On New Album


Hey Everybody! Shannon here. A lot going on in Smack world. We wrote a bunch of new songs in Florida while our new HQ was being built in New England. Now here we are outside of Boston in a kick ass studio surrounded by Godsmack vibes and creating like maniacs! So many cool new tunes that I can tell ya it’s gonna be hard to narrow these down to the best ones! I can’t give anything away at this point, but wanted to let you real fans know that we are DEEP into this and feeling great about positive attitudes and massive progress! On behalf of Sully, Tony, Robbie, and myself: I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us, but we will make it worth your wait! Bringing the ROCK in 2014! Come on with it!!!
Shannon xxx

Linkin Park Tease “Different” New Album

Linkin Park have teased fans with an update from their studio as they work on their new album.

Frontman Mike Shinoda posted the picture seen above on his blog alongside some words on how the songs are currently sounding. Shinoda was elusive to the sound but promised fans something different to last album ‘Living Things’, released in 2012.

“As most Linkin Park fans know, the sound of each album is usually quite different from the last,” Shinoda wrote. “The new album is no exception. But, as usual, the album’s sound twists and turns as it is created, so any attempt at estimating what it sounds like today would be silly. The moment I tell you it sounds like ‘X’, the songs will automatically take a drastic turn and evolve into something different within a week. But what I can tell you is I’m inspired. We’re inspired.”

Metallica To Start Working On New Album In “A Couple Of Weeks”


Metallica is eyeballing the start of its next album, finally, after a busy couple of weeks ahead — including guitarist Kirk Hammett’s inaugural FEAR FestEvil in San Francisco, a GRAMMYs performance with classical pianist Lang Lang and the DVD/Blu-ray release of “Metallica Through the Never.”

Hammett tells Billboard that the quartet will start working on the follow-up to 2008’s “Death Magnetic” “in a couple of weeks. When we start, that’s going to be our main priority, and we’re pretty excited about it because we’ve been saying we need to start working on this album, but we’ve been procrastinating greatly with it. We’ve pretty much come up with every sort of excuse we can not to start work on the album, but we’ve run out of excuses, so we pretty much have to start work on it now.”

Some of the foot-dragging, Hammett says, is the idea of facing a plethora of musical ideas the group has assembled. “We’re a band that never has a shortage of ideas,” he notes. “You hear about these bands that are sitting in the studio and they don’t have any songs, what are they gonna do? That’s not Metallica. Metallica’s problem is the total opposite. We have too many ideas. James (Hetfield) has, like, 800 ideas. I have 400. Those number alone are just crazy. That’s formidable.”
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Hammett also had plenty of ideas for the FEAR FestEvil, too. The event takes place Feb. 7-8 in San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom, a 105-year-old former Masonic temple that’s reputed to be haunted. The two days will include exhibitions of memorabilia from Hammett’s extensive collection of horror memorabilia — chronicled in his 2012 book “Too Much Horror Business” — as well as panel discussions, autograph signings, a taxidermy class and numerous guest speakers, including musical pals and fellow enthusiasts such as Slash and Anthrax’s Scott Ian. There will also be performances by Carcass, Death Angel, Orchid and Death Division, and Hammett plans to guest with his pre-Metallica band Exodus on the opening night.

“It’s going to be pretty different form your standard sort of, like, comic convention,” says Hammett, who will be billed as his “nom de horror” Kirk Von Hammett for the weekend. “I want it to be an experience. I want it to be interactive. I want it to have ambience and atmosphere and be something you can actually feel with all five senses. I wanted it to be unique and thrilling, because I really love this stuff. I don’t want to come across as some sort of poseur or hipster or anything; I have a real passion for it and I want people who are like-minded to revel in a lot of the same stuff that I revel in and just see how cool it is.”

Hammett also hopes to spread more FEAR around the country next year, too. “All I can see is how cool it’s going to be in the next few weeks and how cooler it’s gonna be next year,” he says. “I would love to be able to take it down to L.A., maybe take it over to Texas, take it over to Chicago, take it to New York. There’s horror movie fans everywhere and there’s music fans everywhere who would be excited by this sort of thing, and I want to share this stuff with them. So why not do it next year, and why not take it to other places?” Full information can be found at

While he’s gearing up for the FEAR FestEvil, Hammett is also preparing for Metallica’s Grammy appearance, during which the group will perform its 1988 single “One” with Lang Lang on Jan. 26 — two days before the “Through the Never” home video release. “That’s going to be really interesting,” Hammett says. “It’s going to be an arrangement that highlights some of Lang Lang’s playing, but we’re not lightening up the song just for him. We’re still hanging onto all the heavy parts. He’s just an amazing pianist; at one point he’s going to be, like, weaving in and out of my guitar solo and playing parts of my guitar solo with me. I’ve never, ever experienced that before with anyone we’ve ever played with, so I’m going to be pretty psyched to be playing with him, to say the least. It’s gonna be amazing.”

Foo Fighters Say That New Album Is “F***ing On”


Here we go.

After taking a break (but not breaking up), the Foo Fighters are fully recharged and well underway on their eighth album … at least if their Instagram account is to be believed.

Late Thursday, the Foos gave fans an update on the progress they’re making on the follow-up to the Grammy-winning Wasting Light, posting a pic that showed a row of ATR magnetic tapes, with a caption that gets right to the point: “It’s F—ing ON.”


Based on that photo, it seems that Dave Grohl and Co. aren’t straying from the back-to-basics approach they took while making Light, once again recording on analog, reel-to-reel tape (no word on whether Grohl’s garage is serving as the studio this time around). But, based on everything Grohl’s said about the new album, it would appear the similarities end there.

For nearly two years now, he’s been claiming that the new Foos record would be a revolutionary one. At the Grammys in 2012, he told MTV News that the band had “a really big idea” for the new album, which would once again be produced by Butch Vig. Then, earlier this year at Sundance, while he was promoting his “Sound City” film, Grohl said that there were “really awesome, big plans” already in motion.

Finally, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Grohl went even further:

“It’s badass,” he said of the album. “We’re doing something that nobody knows about, it’s f—ing rad. We begin recording soon, but we’re doing it in a way that no one’s done before, and we’re writing the album in a way that I don’t think has been done before.”

There’s still no title (or release date) for the Foo Fighters’ eighth album, which was recently named one of MTV’s Most Anticipated of 2014.

Jason Newstead Explains Why He Left Metallica

Thirteen years after Jason Newsted left Metallica, the bassist is finally telling the story of why he left the band. For every Metallica fan, this is absolutely a must-see interview (watch above).
In a new interview with ScuzzTV, Newsted finally chose to tell the much pondered-about tale. “I’ve never told this story, I’m not sure if I should tell it now, actually,” Newsted begins. “There was a lot leading up to it through time … The very upside-down thing that I don’t think anybody knows; the management of Metallica was very, very excited about Echobrain [one of Newsted’s side projects], wanted to take it out for me, wanted me to do Echobrain also, with Metallica. They felt Echobrain was that good, the singer was that good, and it didn’t affect Metallica because it was a totally different kind of thing, and I was in Metallica; that would give it it’s pedigree already.”
Newsted continues, “And so they had told me, pretty convincingly, ‘This is a great record, we’ve been playing it around the office, that’s all I’ve been hearing, it’s fantastic, this kid has a great voice. Let’s do something with this.’ That’s what they told me, and then James [Hetfield] heard about it and was not happy. He was, I think, pretty much out to put the kibosh on the whole thing because it would somehow affect Metallica in his eyes, because now the managers were interested in something I was doing that had nothing to do with him.”
The bassist sums up the situation as follows: “I have no idea what [Hetfield] was thinking, other than just protecting what he valued, just like he does; that’s his thing. He protects what he loves, squeezes it too hard, like he said himself. Squeeze it too hard, protecting it too much. That’s where I was coming from. The people that I had counted on for 15 years to help me with my career, help Metallica, take care of my money, do all of those things, told me, ‘Your new project is fantastic, we’d like to help you with it.’ James heard about it, the manager calls me back a couple of days later — ‘Sorry we’re not going to be able to help you with that Echobrain thing.’”
For the full interview with Jason Newsted, check out his interview with ScuzzTV above. The Metallica story begins at the 30-minute mark.

HellYeah To Release Album In April


Hellyeah have confirmed that they’re close to completing their fourth album, expected for release on April 28.

And mainman Vinnie Paul says the record is set to be “heavy and diverse” and their “very best” music.

Former Pantera drummer Paul, Mudvayne’s Chad Grey and Greg Tribbet, Tom Maxwell of Nothingface and ex-Damageplan man Bobzilla are currently based in a Las Vegas studio with producer Kevin Churko, who has previously worked with Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch and In This Moment.

Paul reports: “It was an honour working with Kevin. He really pushed and got the best out of us. Everything we did on this record was from a different perspective.”

Churko adds: “They’ve really impressed me both with the tracks they brought in and with their drive to make them even better. I think they’ll really be delivering their best record yet – 2014 will be the year of Hellyeah.”

Full details of the band’s second release via Eleven Seven Music will be available in due course.