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Pic of the Day

Its like geek graffiti: Its a video game reference, its on Federal property, and its really not hurting anything. Fighting the Man one yellow dot at a time!

Geek Graffitti

Pic of the Day

Thats one way to stick to your new years resolution… technically she is at the gym

Segway Treadmill

Pic of the Day

I get the corner piece… Anybody want to try and take it from me??

Chainsaw Birthday Cake

Pic of the Day

It also doubles as an Al Gore starter set; ‘Now you too can claim to have invented the Internet!’

Internet Starter Kit

Pic of the Day

You say I have to work this weekend?? Put up your dukes bro!

Put Up Your Dukes

Pic of the Day

Damn, the boss will never believe you cant make it in because of the weather now!

Hot Rod Sled