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719day-2016 FBTL-JEP

Hey 719ers.  We’ve been working overtime on this end to put together various solutions in the moment and now after 719 Day to make sure you all feel like you’re still getting the craft beer experience for your ticket.  The after party on 7/19 itself turned into a heck of an event itself, but we wanted to make sure to take care of everyone as much as possible.

So, here we go….

We have pre-purchased beer/spirits at many of the 719 Day Breweries that we want you to come join us and enjoy on Thursday, July 28th, and/or again on Thursday, August 4th from 6PM-10PM.

Your ticket is now valid to be exchanged for a “Brewery Pass” for each day to be used at ONE of the breweries on each list.  We want people to be enjoying craft beer, but just as on 7/19, it’s safety first, so we’d prefer to know that everyone’s in one spot and not trying to drive after having a few at each place.  That said, 94.3 KILO, 103.9 RXP, Switchbacks FC and JEP are purchasing a select variety of beer available at each location on our lists from6-10PM or until it’s gone.  Please note that Cockpit Craft Distillery one free drink at their tasting room.  We will be releasing the final list of available breweries early next week.

So here’s the logistics to get your brewery passes: come see us on Monday, July 25th from 10:30AM-1PM at Switchbacks Stadium (6303 Barnes Road) or at the 94.3 KILO/103.9 RXP studios from 5-7PM (1805 E Cheyenne Road).  (PLEASE NOTE: When at The Switchbacks Stadium, The Sky Sox Baseball Club will be getting ready for a 12:35PM game.  Enter through the gates at Barnes/Charlotte and let the attendant know that you are there to pick up 719 Day tickets.  They will let you pass.  Please then only park on the dirt immediately outside of gate E.  Please don’t enter through the entrance at Barnes/Tutt – you’ll have to pay for parking!)

When at either location, you will be distributed an envelope with a ticket valid to go to any brewery on our the list for 7/28, and another ticket valid for 8/4.  We’re also including a buy-one-get-one voucher that is good for a free draft craft beer at any one of our 11 taprooms and one distillery tasting room on the list.  We’ll be releasing the final brewery list of where you can go on each day by early next week.

Please be safe!  Remember that you can get a Yellow Cab to come right to your location to pick you up by texting your name and location to 719-777-7777.

Keep in mind, the Switchbacks FC will also be sending you an e-mail about how to get your two FREE tickets for each 719 Day ticket purchased.

The biggest thing is THANK YOU, 719ers!  We hope that you’re happy with our solutions to a very frustrating problem for everyone involved.  We can’t control the weather, but we’ll always control how we react to it.




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My grandmom says I’m very creative and should sell some of the stuff I do…. I forget my phone around town a lot, and that tends to make my fiance very frustrated…I really gotta stop doing that. My personality revolves around the concept of peace. Fear leads to anger…Anger leads to hate…hate leads to the dark side. Ya dig? That being said, you can bet your button I practice kindness every single day. I even talk to the homeless sometimes.
Else wise:My FANTASY is to be a New York Rockette, or maybe even work in a super tall sky scraper building on the top floor.My DREAM is to be a wife and mother to an amazing husband and two beautiful kids someday with a lovely well kept home and a stable job. I love to do interior design I love messing with makeup and hair. I don’t do drugs. I am and always have been a true Star Wars fan. I am a gamer girl. PS4 of course. I love the open country and horseback riding, but I also love SEATTLE and would move there on the spot if I had the chance. Rome is the most stunning place I have ever been and hope to visit again someday.

My vibe attracts my tribe. and my tribe is pretty dang awesome.I don’t do snakes, chainsaws, moths and or needles anywhere near my skin.