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15 thoughts on “KMOG 2014

  1. Chris

    I still have to make my picks on my cell phone. For some reason I can’t log on through my desktop. It would be much easier if I could.

  2. Kilo Staff

    If anyone is still having issues please make sure that you have first created a new account since all of the accounts from last year were reset. If you have any other issues please make sure that you email the webmaster with the link at the bottom of the master of the gridiron page.

  3. eugene

    ive been trying to get in on mog but when I sign up and it sends me the email to activate my account it says my account was not activated wth

    1. Kilo Staff

      You will need to create a new account. All of the accounts from last year were reset.

  4. Shari Maggard

    Still can’t log in to MOG. Tried signing up again, and it won’t activate account. Kind of a bummer- would like to play….

  5. Shari Maggard

    Same here. E-mail said to re-enter picks, but can’t get in to system. Computer does not recognize MOG website.

  6. Kilo Staff

    There have been some issues with MoG but they should be resolved. If you are still unable to log in on this page and save your picks please try going to directly and see if your picks will save. If so please click the “Questions? Suggestions? Problems?” link on the bottom of the page which will let the webmaster know what is happening. Thank you.

  7. Russ

    I have signed up all my addresses and it won’t let me back in second time. I did put my picks in last night but got the email to redo them and cannot get in tonight.

  8. Chris

    This Master of the Gridiron isn’t working for me. It wont let me log in on my computer. I have to use my phone, and then it won’t submit my picks. Need to fix the problem so I can win the PS4.

  9. Megan

    It doesn’t save my selections after hitting “submit” … if I log out and log back in, the fields are empty and it wants me to make my picks again. Help…


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